Wold – Working Together For Our Privacy

artist: Wold title: Working Together For Our Privacy keywords: black noise,black metal,noise cat nmbr: PFL-055 format: CD year: 2010 label: Profound Lore Records

“Working Together For Our Privacy” consists of three compositions; sound created within Wold’s thought lodge. The songs can induce harsh trance aural formations and hallucinations. We sent out transformations through the sound ideas which manifested the transgressive waves. Priestly insignificance and reversal religiosity is diabolically executed in your tight virgin ears. The spies in the wires sparkle through like hoarfrost on machine pumps which distribute unconscious aural chemical reaction. The death machine ejaculates toxins but also provides a psyche sanctuary of sorts, but ultimately the inevitable takes hold. Death is the factor.” is what the Release Notes for this piece of art state and if that isn’t weird enough for you , how about this ? Got this from a dude who told me it was “NOISE” and to a certainย extent the good chap is right but here comes , after seconds instruments get recognizable in the blur of feedback , tapehiss and distortion , at least , sounds like they get anyway…guitars the main ingredient but also heard some drums ??? Really fucked up trance-inducing no-fi madness, in a distance reminding of the great BLACK CILICE…second track has some weird moaning ย layered on top of (or rather “in-between”…) the mess…some distant guitar wailing can be deciphered as well…and some other rhythm , presumably drums ? , whatever it it is , this is one GREAT FCKN CD , would prolly sound even better on a tape !!! 3 long (10+ min.!) tracks make this a keeper !!! TRY IT !!! …for those into TRUE WEIRD and RAW ย shits !!! …out-”evils” many of the so-called TRUE BM bands out there,more melancholic than most “depri”-BM,as noisy as (if not noisier!) as the noisiest RAW BM bands out there , in fact , the 3rd track is a long NOISE track and in spite of usually not liking it whenย bands do noise “aside” ,this here is a well developed piece of frenzied no-fi audio-stress , trance-inducing like the other 2 tracks featured on this piece of ART… IMPRESSIVE !!!



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