Bernd Geßler – sehr kuschlig

artist: Bernd Geßler
title: sehr kuschlig
cat: omaramusic053
keywords: electronic
label: omaramusic

“so after years of thinking about it i finally decided to start a music project under my real name. at all it necessary now.
well this project will have some different sound as you know usally from me :)”

After reading this little info text that came with this free track and pulling my eyes out while watching the personal artwork picture, I really felt obliged to listen and review the music of this guy I have never heard of.

Full enthusiasm i went straight to the music, i listened and listened. I checked if my cables where plugged in correctly, tried to clean my ears with a fork wrapped in cotton wool and found out that the music must have been recorded in an unusual way. Even though my ears are frequent listeners of lobit and lo-fi material, i did not come across something that in general sounded output wise like this track of mister Geßler. If this is a good or a bad thing, is probably a matter of taste. Personally it took me the full track to get used to the way the complete music was mastered, it basically felt like the whole tune was being played through some kind of frequency filter. This was perhaps a construction of my listening session but also a reason to listen to this work on repeat for pure scientific audio research & of course to write something descent for our lovely frequent visitors on this glitchy blog.

So behind the muffled sound, what does the actual music taste like?
Soya milk with a half glass of freshly mud? Well it is kind of hypnotic, with its repetitive main bits, some acid wobbles that function to give it some base, and some kind of industrial beats that sounds a bit aggressive. Personally it didn’t fulfill my high expectations when fantasizing about the artwork, but that picture will sure be fun to post on this blog.
If you have your ears to hear Bernd’s music for yourself than give it a go at the following link:

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