Krovavaya Soska – Spermatoxicosis Vol.2 (SPNet107)

Bewbs. Your eyes will be like ( . )( . ) when you see those ( . Y . )s. Man, woman, it doesnt matter. Its the only part of the album art for Krovavaya Soskas Spermatoxicosis Vol.2 that youll see, rendered here in its full glory, but probably stretched to shit due to the size constraints of this blog box. Our sincerest apologies.

Artist: Krovavaya Soska
Title: Spermatoxicosis Vol.2
Label: SP Recordings
Cat#: SPNet107
Keywords: Noise, Pornogrind
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

SCENE I: Introductions

(The camera is trained on a large and ornate wooden door which then opens, letting us peer through. Within, we see this is clearly the abode of someone of wealth. There is a large fireplace over which hangs a portrait of a man in rich, opulent attire. There is an abundance of velvet and dark wood in the interior. Upon the floor is a bearskin rug, and hanging from another wall are the heads of various animals, most of them predatory. Further back we see a massive Persian rug hanging from a wall. In the center of the room is a table, upon which rests a bottle of vintage wine and two glasses. A man walks into the room wearing a long patterned robe that looks expensive, if a bit tacky. He is clutching something, but as of yet it is impossible to discern what it is)

Man: “Ah, there you are… yes, welcome to my foyer. Sit, please, and allow me to pour you a glass of vino.”

(Camera moves closer as the man pours two glasses)

Man: “I’m so glad you could make it. I wasn’t quite sure you would take me up on my invitation. The letter I sent was… vague, yes? I’d hoped it would pique your curiosity. I believe I mentioned I had acquired something that would be of some interest to you? A certain… record? It is true that it came into my possession very recently. I hadn’t yet a chance to listen to it, which is why I had written you. As I’m sure you agree, an album of a certain… dark reputation, as this one… is perhaps best shared between two?”

(The man then produces the object in hand for us to see. It appears to be a record, on the front of which is pictured a woman with enormous breasts)

Man: “You recognize it, I’m sure. Before you even ask, my research was thorough. To the best of my knowledge, and to the knowledge of the handful of experts on the subject under my employ, this is a genuine copy. I went to… great lengths to procure it, as I assume you must realize. Of these matters, I can say no more. I am readily able to see that you are eager to hear it. I am too. Why don’t we…” (The man licks his handlebar mustache seductively while putting a hand on our knee) “… turn it on?”

(Lifting a remote with his other hand and flipping a switch, the wall in the back holding the Persian rug begins to turn, revealing a dated armoire with a record player and two very large speakers resting upon it. The man, smiling, gets up and removes the record from it’s packaging, places it on the record player, and sets the needle onto its surface. He then returns to the posh sofa with us. Before the record can begin playing, we experience an unusual visual disturbance… the room begin to grow dark and things in the room seem to warp in a way that might suggest our drink had been drugged somehow without us knowing it. The camera slowly fades to black)

SCENE II: ‘Prurient Gardener Fucked All The Flowers In The Garden’

(We come to in what looks like a large, sculpted garden. A man with an accordion, mustache and mime facepaint sits on a bench playing and singing, but he then disappears and everything goes black as a shrill noise and growling vocals fill our head. There are shadows moving from within the darkness, reaching out to us. We see a child’s toy keyboard on the floor and it is played of it’s own accord by invisible hands. As our eyes become accustomed to the dark, the living shadows seem to disappear. We appear to be in a small child’s bedroom, but everything looks as if in a state of decay. There is strange growth in a corner of the room, a small flower bed. It’s kind of creepy)

SCENE III: ‘Flower Shop Guy (Anal Cunt Cover)’

(We then hear an Anal Cunt cover, loud shrill noise accompanied by screaming and insistent banging. It is at this moment the camera turns to see the door of the room open slowly, but no one stands in the doorway. The voices grow louder, shadows seem to be moving out of focus, on the periphery of the visible scene)

SCENE IV: ‘Aggressive Forest Flowers In The Anal Holes Of Your Grandmothers’

(There is a deep voice… we see a shadow from the hall beyond the door growing longer as if someone or something is approaching. Before it reaches the doorway, the door slams shut and harsh noise and a high-octave frequency blasts us in the ears. The camera is spinning; we are looking for a way out of this nightmare. In our panic, the otherworldly shadows too seem to be growing more restless. The toy keyboard from before is being thrown around the room, against the walls, flying up and striking us. We find a window, but it is as if the entire world outside is black. The noise is right behind us…)

SCENE V: ‘Orchid Flower Looks Like A Pussy’

(Before we attempt to break out of this hellish situation, we notice the flowers again. An orchid slowly begins to open and unfold, resembling a female vaginal orifice with a mustache. Next to it lays the toy keyboard. All of its keys are held down, and the sound produced is like that of a distorted amplified guitar through it’s tiny self-contained speakers. We hear the voice again, and when our gaze returns to the window we see tiny fingers pounding from the outside against the edges of the pane. Looking at the keyboard, it appears to be freaking out again. What to do…?)

SCENE VI: ‘Daddy, Mommy And Me – We Are Sexy Family’

(Turning to the window, we break through. Instead of shattering, heaving us into a dark void, we seem to be in another room of the house. It is a hallway extending out in both directions seemingly eternally, except our eyes are able to make out a door impossibly far away to our left. Before trying our luck to make it to the door, our attentions are first taken to the pictures hanging on the walls. They seem to be of a small family, but all of the eyes are scratched out. We head down the hall now to the door. As we run, the pictures seem to become more suggestive, eventually pornographic. Strange voices fill the space around us, as well as a clinking bell and grinding noise. The door is still so far away, and these noises seem to be chasing us)

SCENE VII: ‘My Grandmother’s Pussy Is Very Sweet’

(The last of the pictures nearing the door appear to be nudes of various elderly women, some of whom even have mustaches. Emanating from the door is a loud, chaotic soundscape of voices and noise. It’s almost as if the Tasmanian Devil lays just beyond this hall, in the next room)

SCENE VIII: ‘My Mommy Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, And I Fuck Her Every Day’

(Having no other choice, we quickly open the door anyway, making our way into the next room. It is a small room, with several television sets stacked atop one another, each of them playing loops of weird MILF pornography. We hear stuttering, distorted synth strings and a repeating bit of white noise, followed by a growling, throaty voice. Looking around, we see two more doors leading off of this room, one to the left and another to the right. No longer wishing to remain in this room, we decide to head to the right. Being right-handed, that just seemed to make sense… it’s perhaps the way to solve a labyrinth like this)

SCENE IX: ‘I Very Like When My Father Make Me A Blowjob’

(Opening the door and entering, we see several wall hangings, many of which layered on top of one another. They each seem to be of a familiar set of mustached lips, puckered as if readying themselves for a kiss. We hear sucking sounds from all directions, disorienting us, as well as a persistent static drone. A voice speaks to us, and suddenly we hear something being banged upon with increasing fierceness, then everything devolves into noise and the room goes completely dark. Losing ourselves for a moment, we turn too quickly, struggling to find the knob to the door we entered through. The noise grows louder, more intense, as if responding to our panic. A soft blue light begins glowing from another corner of the room, accompanied by peculiar flute tones and we have the sensation we are being watched by eyes unseen. Finally, the door is found and we escape back into the small room with the televisions)

SCENE X: ‘If I Had A Pretty Sister, I Would Fuck Her Every Day (Dismembered Pugachova Cover)’

(We notice that all of the television sets have frozen on abstracted close-ups of flesh. There is a deep noise that we are given to assume is a Dismembered Pugachova cover, but it lasts for only a few seconds as we hurriedly flee into the room we previously left unexplored)

SCENE XI: ‘If I Had Two Dicks, I Would Fuck My Grandmother And Grandfather Simultaneously’

(This room is filled with phallic objects, some of them appearing mutated, grotesque. Amidst these are more similar framed photographs of nude elderly women with mustaches. There’s a phonograph record player in a corner emitting extremely harsh frequencies, a broken music box playing on a nightstand near the door, and another door just across the room. As we make our way to that door, we notice we are stepping on broken glass that appears to cover the floor of this room)

SCENE XII: ‘Fuck Your Mother And Suck Your Own Cum From Her Pussy’

(The door takes us into a bedroom. A four-post bed is against the far wall, the blankets and sheets pulled to cover the entirety of the mattress. Portraits of Dr. Sigmund Freud with his famous mustache and beard adorn the walls of the room. Suddenly, a body-shape swells up from underneath the blankets, making strange vocal utterances that sound like somebody being strangled. The room fills with noise, the shape under the sheets swaying as if in the act of erotic self-stimulation, heaving and thrusting. Looking around for any exit, we notice yet another two doors, one on each side of the room. We take another right…)

SCENE XIII: ‘I Upload Photos Of My Naked Parents To VKontakte’

(There is a computer in this room. Its glow produces the only visible light; the rest of the room is shadow. Inspecting the computer, we see that it is receiving an endless stream of pornographic pop-ups. Suddenly, a voice again, followed by shrill, rumbling noise, bludgeoning our eardrums. Then the pop ups on the computer seem to change, sending us messages like, ‘You are about to die’ interspersed with other, more sexually suggestive messages, and occasionally just a mustache. Unable to see anything, we exit the room in a rush)

SCENE XIV: ‘Persistence Of The Oedipus Complex’

(Back in the bedroom, the human-shaped bump under the bed is thrusting itself up and down with so much force that it seems to be shaking everything in the room. The lights flicker, a low growl filling the space, and we try to make our way to the other end…)

SCENE XV: ‘Incest Is Cool’

(… but before we can, the entire bed suddenly stands up on end and we fall back onto the floor staring up at it, hoping it doesn’t fall onto us. The voices shift, and we then notice the bump slowly suck back into the bed as other shapes underneath the blanket resembling worms begin to snake their way to the center. We roll quickly away from this scene, making it to the door and quickly entering)


(Here is an entirely different scene, at first. The toy room again, but well lit. A small television, not there before, seems to be playing a clip of a woman singing. Then, the lights begin to flicker furiously and the toys lift up and are shot across and around the room violently. The window is intact, but it still seems to be night outside… the door from before is behind us. The television has gone to grey, but then all activity in the room ceases…)

SCENE XVII: ‘Letter B Looks Like A Butt’

(… except that a toy block with a letter ‘B’ on it rolls across the floor, stopping just a foot in front of us… the television seems to resume it’s peculiar programming, before going grey again and producing a shrill barrage of noise…)

SCENE XVIII: ‘Letter O Looks Like A Vagina’

(… then the same exact scenario unfolds, but this time with a block of the letter ‘O’…)

SCENE XIX: ‘Letter T Looks Like A Penis’

(… and then once more, with the letter ‘T’. What does it all mean? What is it trying to tell us? That we are a robot? It could be a clue to this whole mystery… but it probably isn’t. We stand there for a moment, staring at the television that is producing this ruckus of harsh noise)

SCENE XX: ‘Roman Alphabet Is Sexy’

(Then the television switches to children’s programming. Nothing seems to happen for a while, except that the program takes an unexpected turn to the vulgar. More noise is produced, but instead of going back to grey screen we see an image of ourselves staring at the screen. Is there a hidden camera? We look and see nothing. Turning back to the screen, we see ourselves on the television turning away and walking straight into the wall across from us. Perhaps this is the way we must proceed?)

SCENE XXI: ‘My Penis Get Hard, When I See Chinese Hieroglyphs’

(We walk through the wall, and it as if we are in a different world. We stand in the middle of an Asian street market, surrounded by fine wares and foods. Suddenly we hear the noise of the demons emerging into the street from where we came in. They’re right behind us… we run, passing unfamiliar faces, many adorned with fancy mustaches, and are suddenly met with the unlikely appearance of a door in the middle of the street. The people are dispersing, all we can hear is noise. Reality breaks down again…)

SCENE XXII: ‘Raped By Gigantic Cockroach’

(As we enter the door, escaping the bustle of the streets, we are suddenly grabbed by many slimy arms and thrown onto a bed. Turning, in shock, we see that our aggressor is a giant cockroach with a mustache, and it’s pulling down it’s comically oversized boxer shorts revealing an enormous bug cock. Yikes! It’s speaking to us in Russian and we can hear a television near the bed playing orchestral music. As the cockroach jumps on top of us, we hear a thrush of noise, grinding. We… are being forcibly subjected to bad sex by a large cockroach. It’s pretty horrible, like something out of a William S. Burroughs novel. We try to scream, but no sound comes out. The television has switched now to pornographic material, the worst imaginable soundtrack to what we’re going through. The noise returns… this scene lasts for close to 9:00 minutes. Afterward, the roach has a cigarette, and we escape through a door to the right of the bed)

SCENE XXIII: ‘Cunts Full Of Ants’

(Surely, things could not get more horrible, but as if in answer to our silent plea, we come face to face with a wall of vaginas. Ants are crawling in and out of them, and there seems to be a loud growl being emitted from within each of them. There doesn’t appear to be a way out… and then the terrible thought occurs to us, that in order to leave this room and not have to go back to the room with the giant cockroach rapist, we may have to crawl out through one of these ant-infested orifices. Might as well just get it over with! We squeeze through, and…)

SCENE XXIV: ‘When Butterflies Sit To My Penis, I Ejaculate’

(… we’re suddenly thrust into the middle of what appears to be a musical! There are people with mustaches dancing on a stage in elaborate clothing. Suddenly, the people burst into butterflies… then they swarm us, cover us, eat away all our clothing and seem to gravitate toward our penis. Our penis… that, ah, seems like kind of a weird concept, not to break script here or anything, but I felt like pointing that out. Anyway, the butterflies are screaming! What are they saying? I do not know, but their tiny voices are filled with rage and contempt for our penis. So we run, run!!!)

SCENE XXV: ‘Boldly Buzzing Fly’

(There are insects of all kinds trailing behind us, and we can hear them laughing at us at first, then screaming some more, buzzing. We’ve left the theater and are out on the streets again)

SCENE XXVI: ‘Anal Medvedka’

(The world outside is spinning, it’s colour draining; we cannot see where we are going. All that remains is the noise, no longer seeming to come from any one particular place. It blankets us, and we finally lay down, close our eyes and give up on ever getting out of this horror-show)

SCENE XXVII: ‘Sexy Grasshopper (Anal Nosorog Cover)’

(Nothing happens for awhile, but then we open our eyes just as an Anal Nosorog cover begins playing. We see a large, humanoid grasshopper in suggestive clothing, making flirting gestures toward us. We have no intention of taking this monster to bed, and so we instead turn to flee. The grasshopper makes sharp, rattling noises behind us as if it were angry with us for not finding it’s terrifying-yet-cartoonish presence attractive. We hear it slamming things behind us)

SCENE XXVIII: ‘Hordes Of Horny Beetles’

(Instead of being met with anything but a freakishly comical nightmare, we run straight into a crowd of beetles wearing dildos! What the fuck!? We back away slowly, remembering that shitty cockroach scenario from before. They scream at us in their noisy, chirpy voices…)

SCENE XXIX: ‘Insuperable Insectophilia’

(… but, accepting now that it is our fate to be sexed by gross insectoid creatures, we throw our hands up and sit on the ground. As the beetles and grasshopper loom over us, we hear a guitar dirge signaling our doom. It appears as though the enormous insects are discussing what they will soon be doing to us…)

SCENE XXX (!): ‘The End…’

(… but, then we wake up suddenly. It was all just a horrible dream! As we shift our focus, however, we see the nude body of the mustached man from the manse)

Man: You are awake now, yes? I hope you slept well. After you went unconscious, I decided it would be a waste if I didn’t have my way with you. The rest of the night was very pleasurable for me. Would you like breakfast?

(Then we wake up again, to the sound of an alarm. 11:00 AM? No matter… thankfully, all of that was just yet another bad dream. But, as we turn our gaze to the mirror across the room, we realize that…


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