bricksKILL – Badly Designed (NJMP3-0109)

So far from being badly designed, the album artwork for bricksKILL's Badly Designed, is actually not very badly designed at all. You might even say it's *pretty* not badly designed. I mean... I've seen badly designed quite a few times in my day, so I know what badly designed can look like. To say this was VERY not badly designed might be a bit much, though.

Artist: bricksKILL
Title: Badly Designed
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0109
Keywords: Power Electronics, Chiptune, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Another early release from the archives of Noise-Joy! This chipnoise single by bricksKILL was a lot of fun to listen to, and was something I was also very proud to put out. Not much else need be said than that, so let’s charge full force ahead into the review of the music…

… as opposed to naming the only track on a release the same thing as the title of the release itself, like most people have often done, the sole track on Badly Designed is titled ‘Hummingblast’ – that is nowhere near close to the same title. I will not question this decision, artistic licenses and inspirations being what they are, but I am compelled to illustrate it because it has confused me somewhat for the last several years despite my attempting to ignore it. It is no big deal, though! So, ‘Hummingblast’ begins with bursts of noise which then turn into a fierce lobit chip sound, oscillating wildly before going back into a screaming noise that sounds like it could be treated with extreme amplitude and effects. It shreds the eardrums, subtly seeming to raise in pitch very gradually and drop again for several minutes like one of the oscillators has a very slow pitchmod lfo on it. The noise gets more and more harsh, I feel, the longer I listen to it. It’s a cathartic experience, uncompromising. There are all kinds of strange bits of frequency and tone that interrupt the stream of noise, and the track finally ends with a buzz dropping.

This is one for you noiseheads out there, so get it at the following link for a good time guaranteed:

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