Jimmy Penguin

artist: Jimmy Penguin
title: dred
cat: alk015
keywords: electro, soundscape, glitch
label: Alkalinear Recordings http://alkalinearrecordings.tumblr.com/

It has been a while since my latest review for Yeah I Know It Sucks. I feel all rusty now, but with a little oil between the fingertips I feel this is going to be a perfect day to surround the ears in fine music. And whats there not too love of music made by animals? especially cute ones? A couple of months back I had received the album of Little Penguin, which was a great encounter with what these black and white friendly friends could do music wise. Today we have another music making penguin, Jimmy!

The record starts with cool icy rhythmic sounds that could come straight from an beautiful but icy world. Soon the synthetic generated low wubs and lazery effects are complimented with a fine and laid back beat. The whole track turns into an groove machine where you automatically feel like you have to wear a penguin costume, and act like the coolest person in the neighborhood. Too bad that the track is short, as I would love to hear more of this.

‘Call Me’ is the second track which is even more wonderfully decorated with synthetic sounds. A moving deep wobbling sound is met with a soft ballad of synth lead that generates a story on its own. It feels like the more relaxing, deeper ambient side of IDM, especially when there are more classical orientated music generators introducing themselves. The strings and synths are working well together to make an dramatic beautiful experience.

The third tune on this well made record is more upbeat and positive. A funky groove pushes (with a perfect base behind it) awesome synth music. Powerful, catchy and definitely something to get excited about if you are into good electronic music that is! perfect!

The last track is also the title track of the album. This also sits very well in the IDM side of the electronica field. Deep wonderful sentimental electronic music that brings warmth with an extremely northpolish touch, and of course sweet so called intelligent rolling beats. The highlight for me is the crawling up of the baseline and the freaky outburst of rhythmic sounds mixed with minimalism. An absolute beauty and totally recommended if you are in need for intelligent electronica that you can chill out on, or dance too (it is up to you and the state of mind you are in!)

You can make Jimmy the Pinguin your friend and get his music for free at the following link:

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