Croak – Croak

artist: Croak
title: Croak
cat: Siro599
keywords: metal, stoner ,rock
label: Sirona Records

Welcome at another review of the Yeah I Know It Sucks crew. Are you ready to pull your hairs in a metal length? Or perhaps if that doesn’t work, get a wig for the same effect? Whatever you do forget everything that you where doing  and tune into this free record by Croak! Even though i managed to play in a metal band a lifetime ago, I do not know anything of guitars, metal bands and epic solo’s. But that doesn’t stop me listening  it!  It is all about open mind-ness

it starts with something that rises up, is it the sun? or just plain insanity? or sanity? an awesome sounding guitar with good old friend Charlie Manson on top of it, makes a splendid entrance! This tracks rocks so hard that there is no deny to make your neck lose for these fine head banging moments. Too bad ‘Beneath’ is so short, but perhaps it saves our necks for further down the road..

And yes track 2 is more guitar riding of our warlord and savior mister Manson. Croak riding their instruments a little bit harder and louder and original vocals appear that sign in a crystal clear sound. This need to be mentioned as most metal rock insanity tracks that my ears have heard here are mostly overwhelmed by the instruments, making the lyrics sound like muffled singers with socks in their mouths. It is not only the vocals that are wowing me, but also the whole sound of the band. This is well mixed, proper mastered stuff and even for someone who is into lobit shit, this sound quality and the ability to hear all the instruments in the proper way makes ‘Odorless Acid’ (and probably the rest of the tracks) already the top in the original croak style genre!

the next track ‘Faking God’ is a short but somehow lovely, raw country style kind of ballad, featuring the wise wisdom of Charlie Sheen, uh Manson i mean.. And wow how perfect does it sound? It sound like they actually have sat together (the band and Charlie) and made this track in one take in a professional recording studio. It is just awesome to hear Charles Manson being recorded without crackles and background noises like most of his music that is out and about. I’m sure if he will ever get the change to hear this record for himself, he will absolutely love this I think. Anyway who cares really? Yeah I Know It Sucks loves it, and that should be enough recommendation to grab this album, right?

And just because of this Croak presents the ultimate party track to rock out on. ‘Boogie Time In Topanga Canyon’ is probably about a boogie man, but will certainly be perfect to do the boogie dance on. Think awesome riffs, tight beats, ass slapping base! Fuck the new world order illuminate bullshit, Croak is serving a butt kicking track of powerful freedom!

Than more fun and brutality in ‘Raising Fist’. Wicked base playing here, awesome guitar, great vocals, insane tightness in the drums and mixed all together and we have proper quality music! Love how the music lifts you up, turns you upside down and backwards, while it marches in a powerful demonstration of activist music! Perfect track for a uprising by the people against all the shit that is going on at the moment! Pure energy, wicked stuff and good to mobilize your guts to fight for your rights!

I have to say that I was careful to start with this record, but I’m absolutely impressed with everything I’m hearing here. The last track is called ‘Devil’s Reject’ and sounds away like a personal story, the music rolls with a surprising light and friendly vibe, even beautifully melodic and melancholic. An track that will takes your soul away and you will gladly give it up to listen to this track for at least another hour.

What can I say, this album wowed me away and is definitely something to that should be in anyone’s collection. It is proper stuff, Great produced tracks, amazingly tight music, original and powerful stuff! These are good vibes, ready to fight with brutally great music that is enjoyable for anyone, from activist, to housewife, from teenager to politicians! This is Croak and Croak will wow you away so you can join them on their trip for justice, or fists its way through ya! you choose, but first start downloading this record over here:”> ”>

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