isteronproject – furniture music #2

artist: isteronproject
title: furniture music #2
cat: SPNet103
keywords: furniture music, kraut punk, cheapadelic
label: SPNet

Around me is plenty of furniture. I count 1 chair, 3 handcrafted things to sit on, one barstool, a wooden cupboard on wheels and 2 large metallic tables full with shit. Even though there is plenty of furniture to put my ass on, I prefer to sit comfortable on the floor. From here the view of the room and its furniture seems nice to look at, and I don’t need to be scared to fall of a seat. My dog is lying on top of my bare feet, so no shoes and socks are necessary. I know it is a lot of bullshit information perhaps, but I just wanted to make sure our dear readers to know how extremely comfortable I am at the moment. And why is that so important you may ask? Well today it is time to review the follow up of isteronproject’s furniture music. The first furniture music was released on the wonderful SPTOtfSP in a fine lobit dolby surround 4D sound quality. Trust me it is a classic release and hope to review it one of these crazy days. But today I need total comfort, a good view of the furniture around me, a good pair of speakers and total concentration. Listening to the first Furniture Music it caught me completely off guard, and with the knowledge that this second record is even higher in quality and came with lots of praises by fellow musicians when it was released just needs a proper preparation. Anyway after inhaling deeply and focussing on the lonely chair in the corner I’m totally ready for the music. Is the furniture ready? They do not seem to answer or react, a bit of a tough crowd but I’m sure they will be pleased with what they will hear.

So the record start where it had finished on the previous album. You might think that would be a problem listening wise, but this record is pretty much a stand alone release. furniture music #09 is where our ears drop in.

A lazy bumble bee sings a song about his daily tasks, about the hard work he does, carrying buckets with honey to satisfy and please the queen who ordered more rooms in her beehive.
He isn’t complaining, he just does what he does and buzz his words in a friendly song to make the job more pleasurable I guess. The background music fits the Bee’s vocals and is highly cute and sweet, just like the honey in his tiny bucket.

furniture music #10 sounds deliciously lo-fi and sci-fi. A crazy witch appears on her broomstick and fly’s around the room, soon a handful of them join her. The fly around in circles, dropping magical powders on the furniture down below, before going up and disappearing through a hole in the roof. I need to fix that roof one of these days.

in furniture music 11 the magical witchcraft seems to work out its influence of the unexpected furniture. I feel like I’m in some kind of weird acid trip where the chair, the things to sit on and the tables start to move around by themselves on this ridiculously funny grooving music. I knew something fun was going to happen and sitting down on the floor gives me the best view to see this spectacle of dancing furniture. isteronproject rocks organ sounds like a mad hatter has unbirthdayparty’s! Lots of fun and even though furniture doesn’t have facial features, I can just feel them smiling happily when blasting this groovy track.

I know this organ sound from somewhere.. Is it an original casio keyboard? Whatever it is it sounds deliciously mad in furniture music#12. It feels like furniture that is in a drunken state of mind, manic and slightly out of this world. Tables are falling on top of each other, the chair is puking in a corner. the cupboard on wheels rides itself against the walls and the chair and other sitting things are dancing bombastically.

furniture music #13 – corna prendete aria reminds me of furniture music #9, but this time the bee is in a completely lucid state and blows a magical song by squeezing his but cheeks in a specific way. His ass whistling skills goes very well with the fun sounding horns and keyboard sounds. The electronic beat keeps the smell of alcohol and fun flowing into this lovely madness!
Absolutely one of my favorite tracks on this record. Surprisingly my furniture didn’t get infected by it, they seem to have already collapsed with the previous tune.

furniture music #14 – cheap soundtrack for daily accidents. What can I possible say about this than please go directly to the link below this review and download this stuff right the flying f@ck now! After all don’t we all have daily accidents? Perhaps not big life changing ones, but for example today i put toothpaste on the back of my toothbrush, hit my toe severely on a piece of (what a coincidence!) furniture, cut one of my fingers off while attempting to cut a carrot, managed to set the bathroom under water by forgetting to close the water tap and hit my head hard while opening the door of a fridge! Talking about someone who was in need for a soundtrack for all these daily accidents! But i’m sure the dear readers have plenty of silly accidents too, so enhancing them with this cheap tune (it is free!) , would sure be a great idea!

isteronproject sure knows how to save the good things for last, as the last track on this record made my day in an instant! a fun menacing freak out with scratchy parrot sounding sounds that goes completely berserk. it feels like the artist circuit bended one of his toys and made an excellent refreshing instrument out of it, completely rock worthy as it comes along with a nice swinging tempo.

If you are into experimental music, where fun, eccentric lo-fi, humor and cute insanity rules together with melodies and creativity, than give you and your furniture what it so needs by downloading furniture music #2 at the following link:

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