Jorg – Esc.rec.36

artist: jorg
cat: esc.rec.36
keywords: electronica, fieldrecordings, ambient,
label: esc.rec.

Jorg is a producer, DJ and the end boss of the Lomechanik label. As like an exchange project, friendly label Esc.Rec. Just released his latest album. Where Lomechanic goes to release more beat orientated electronic works, this release is focusing more on the finer things than bombastic drums and hyper rhythms.

It all starts with a track called ‘earwax’ and is like pulling our ears into a different zone. Let’s call it Planet Jorg. It takes some Arabic sounds to open up the portal, but a warm voice welcomes us quickly.

Soon our ears are standing in the magical world, where small electronic soft noises and low humming sounds are forming a warm loving soundtrack.

With ‘Name Of’ we actually hear some kind of beat that functions as a wonky heartbeat. Together with other nice sounding rhythms from electronic origin, Jorg introduces us into sample heaven. We hear some kind of singing from old times, beautiful synthesizer sounds that seems to form a slow motion movement, and almost an open ending. It feels like a story, although I’m not sure what the content of this story is, perhaps it is poetry for the mind?

One of my personal favorite tracks on this record is ‘you’. Here the story seems to be love, and my ears love every second of this track. Think lots of warmth, a female voice repeating ‘you’ in a hypnotizing loop and sunny sounds filled with (did I already mention this?) lots of love.

After this beauty we hear the ‘home boy walk’ which is a almost steady kind of track, that corresponds greatly with its title. A beat and sounds to swag your legs while walking home with your homey for some brotherly no nonsense conversation.

Jorg adds some humor and a touch of comedy to the record with his ‘home from work’ track. We hear the artist (or girlfriend, I’m not totally sure..) getting a fresh beer from the fridge, ready to chill out from a loopy day on the work floor. Even though this track is very short, it is funny enough one of the more memorable tunes on the record. Catchy as well if I may add, everyone know this story and everyone can sing along with ‘I came home from work..’

With ’emptiness’ Jorg takes our ears on a spacious journey where we could fly freely into a wonderful world between the stars. Lovely synth work in combination of a stretched out beat will levitate the listener to the world of emptiness. Pretty old-school, and liking it!

Michael Jackson’s voice appears on
Jorg’s ‘Tell Ya”. It is a short confession, waved on a soft short track.

After this we hear a filler called ‘what’, I hope that this is an introduction to the following track, otherwise ‘what the fuck’ was the reason for this? But I can’t complain too much, after all it is just 12 seconds long. What?

Jorg makes everything perfect again with his tune ‘crap TV’, funky old school bleebs, chopped samples, nice electronics, some handclaps and a basic funny groove with tickers that are pushing the vibes. Definitely worth to get to practice your funny dance on!

‘unsafe’ starts with a message from a media outlet that music isn’t safe. After this Jorg isn’t proving the commentators wrong by delivering the coolest stuff you would hear on this record. Even though the beat is kind of laid back, the beginning background noises have the same effect as metal guitars doing their thing to indulge danger. The melody is cold and cool and might be considered very unsafe, but very enjoyable.

After commentaries little break in the release ‘soup cloud’ appears. It sounds like the title, spacious and friendly, light weight melodies that float through each other like soft audio clouds do.

“room, featuring jellephant” is probably where the idea for the cover of this release comes from. Is that donkey body spotting an elephant head, jellephant? The music is beautiful, very open with a deep base, an ambience of piano notes that feels like soft rain drops in an auditorium.

The last track is ‘Sketchbook’ and seems to evolve around manipulated fieldrecordings from some kind of alien subway system. Hold on tight, we are traveling back to planet earth again in a rapid speed. Some classical vocals greeting us in the station. Are we back in planet earth, or is this the next stop? a combination of hell and heaven? The ending is luckily a happy one as we arrive back among humans in a lively city center!

This record comes as a limited physical release and as a download, and is sure a great break from reality. Go and grab this record at the following link:
< KN>

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