Cealicus Pugna – Manducans et Universi (2011)

artist: cealicus pugna
title: Manducans et Universi (2011)
keywords: experimental, drone, ambient, noise,sci-fi

Created by using images of the stars to create audio representing the strangeness in the universe.

This is a piece of Information that came with the release of Cealicus Pugna. Each and every work that he has put out contains some experimental approach done in an audio (or other media, video, graphic etc) environment. And this one is an experiment he has done by capturing images of the stars and squeezing audio out of them. I feel almost obliged to wear a laboratory costume, some rubber gloves, eye and mouth protectors before sneaking my ears into this environment. All assured that these are the audio results of the experiment and will not bring our health at risk, but damn it is pretty cool to dress up like a laboratory worker!

This is amazing, totally didn’t expect this to happen when reading the description of the album. The first track is simply grabbing my ears in a complete surprise, I should have worn a space costume instead of this white coat! caelicus pugna starts the soft brushes of an engine and we move very quickly in high altitudes. Slowly the burners in the engines start to be speeding up, while the movement sounds like wind around our ears. The faster and higher our space rocket goes, the more our surroundings change into a robotic machinery.

SDSS J102915+172927
Caelicus Pugna let us enjoy the view from the darkened space craft windows. The universe makes low sounding sounds, while meteorites and probably our own board controls are making cute sounds in the background. It feels like having a vacation in the middle of outer space.

Oh shit, even in outer space there is bad weather. It is coming closer and closer, or does it have something to do with friction of electrics between planets and the stars? From our window we can see the galaxy lightening up like thunder on earth. The lack of gravity in space seems to have a fun effect on the electric shockwaves, and its sure is a fascinating side to look at with your ears.

Within the following track the ears are having an alien encounter with the inhabitants of Cygnus-X. The zoom around our spacecraft in a mysterious way and check every corner. They fly from below, the side the top and in front of us. It is an encounter of unearthly proportions and it is because watching too much captain Kirk, that I do not encounter sweat of fear while listening this. The sounds are obviously curious, but they seem also friendly, a bit like an encounter with gigantic alien fireflies.

SN 2006gy
With the last track on this spacy adventure, cealicus pugna drives our ears safely into another dimension of space. To boldly go where no man has gone before!

This record was definitely a surprise for the ears, the scientific description made it seem like it was going to be audio with a high academic formula, but in fact this release was a very enjoyable audio adventure for anyone who likes science fiction and space travel!
Definitely worth to check out, which you can do at the following link over here:

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