Risch – The Stars Fell From The Sky EP

artist: Risch
title: The Stars Fell From The Sky EP
cat: 4MGFD08
keywords: Electronic, IDM, Ambient
label: 4mg Records http://www.4mgrecords.com/

You want to be happy, indulged in fun and lovely crazy sounds and above all entertained with cute melodies, chopped rhythmics of the sweeter IDM kind? Well i guess this record will please all the electronic love music lovers in a tremendous way!

Dance of the drunken master is a well inspiring and awesome opening for a great electronica record. We hear warmth rising and intelligent sweetness with remarkable drum and rhythm programming. If you are longing to escape in a great electronica record that smells closely to the output of the legendary Rephlex label, than stop reading this blog and just get your ass together by downloading this free release, as its proper quality stuff!

The second tune (Dizzysfuzzyslippers) is pure jolly goodness, friendly , happy and well made, enjoyable music. Do I need to say more? Can I say more? I totally recommend downloading this release as it will make sure to make you into a good mood when spinning it! This artist has captured the powerful vibes of love, and gives it back through music!

Of cource track 3 is called Waxing / Waning and is yet another delicious track, it feels a bit less hectic, what am I saying? Well I just don’t know what I am saying, these cute melodies, chopped up beats and funky acid base sounds just blew my ego and brain away! It is so good it should contain a warning! Just in case you are an insecure inspiring electronic musician and  not prepared to listen to the work of a master… perfect track!

The last track (time goes so quick when having fun!) begins pretty dark, low bubbling synths, drama and than a set of intelligent beats programmed to swing around to give the beautiful ambiance that came out of nowhere a big amazing punch. Beautiful and super classy! It even got me dancing, which is an amazing feeling on top of these deep acid bleeps and blobs, samples and epic synths. There is plenty of stuff here that fans of the repertoire of Aphex Twin will probably enjoy.

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