SSTFM – Synthetic Sound To Fit Mind (NJMP3-0391)

Green. Plasticy. I could be talking about all kinds of things, but in this specific case it is the artwork for SSTFM's Synthetic Sound To Fit Mind.

Artist: SSTFM
Title: Synthetic Sound To Fit Mind
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0391
Keyword: Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I believe this was originally released on Noise-Joy as a Hugo Paquete album, but his name was misspelled as Hugo Paquette… really, it’s an SSTFM album. How do things like this happen? I don’t know. Some weird glitch, or maybe a lot going on in life so that I wasn’t paying enough attention. Probably one of those two.

The only track here is ‘Disturbing The System’. It will disturb your soundsystems with it’s lofi noise, and comes in burbling like a melted cassette tape. Ringing blasts of feedback enter the mix, which is predominantly comprised of white noise. It gets almost ambient in places, almost like the sounds have decomposed to such a degree that space has developed. It feels very cosmic, like abstract recordings of environments, degraded, subtle electronics dubbed over. In softer sections, noises ring out from the under-rot. It slides into dark, droning train stations, feedback gutters, sewer manholes that open out in a corrosive slime of sound. There are robotic pulses… it’s a pretty wild ride!

Lofi? Noise? What else could you want? Maybe a link…

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1 Response to SSTFM – Synthetic Sound To Fit Mind (NJMP3-0391)

  1. Hugo Paquete says:

    Yes my name is Hugo Paquete aka SSTFM.
    Stay in contact.

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