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VI-Fi – Long Experiment (single, 2013)

artist: Vi-Fi title: Long Experiment (single, 2013) keywords: noise, experimental, electronic label: Southern City’s Lab reviewer: DA Every time I’ll go the toilet to make a big shit, i’ll flush it down. It is very rare for me to … Continue reading

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Murkyu vs. Glasscarpenter – Clearest Sprang (Siro253)

Artists: Murkyu, Glasscarpenter Title: Clearest Sprang Label: Sirona-Records Cat#: Siro253 Keywords: Braindance, Ambient, Breakbeat, Noise Reviewers: Chunk Chogan and The Omega Warrior *Backstage at the Slamplex Arena…* Ted McFakon: So Chunk, Warrior… it looks like you’ve heard about Murkyu vs. … Continue reading

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Perpetual Darkness – Rape

artist: Perpetual Darkness title: Rape cat: FNR006 format: floppy diskette (15 print) keywords: Drone , Noise label: Floppy Noise Records!/FloppyNoiseRecords This record is not for the weak minded, the ones that can’t handle the shocks of terror that hails … Continue reading

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various – SAMIZDAT floppy DISK #01

artist: various title: SAMIZDAT floppy DISK #01 keywords: experimental, electronic, industrial, classical, childrens music, chiptune, noise, lobit label: MAV RECORDS (0kbps The already legendary and provocative netlabel MAV (0kbps records) is vaporizing music as we know it with groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Equitant – Zurich (NJMP3-0349)

Artist: Equitant Title: Zurich Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0349 Keywords: EBM, Techno, Electro, New Beat, Illbient Reviewer: Alex Spalding The Texas-based Equitant, a former metalhead turned electro/technoir artist and owner of the Black Montanas net label, sent several really cool albums … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal – Cadillac 69 (NJMP3-0180)

Artist: Heavy Metal Title: Cadillac 69 Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0180 Keywords: Industrial, Experimental Reviewer: Alex Spalding The artist Heavy Metal was a one-time member of psycho-DaDa group Tango Mango and, last I heard, was in the experimental absurdist group Olelé … Continue reading

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DeLorean.88. – Sleepwalking (None)

Artist: DeLorean.88. Title: Sleepwalking Label: Business Casual 87′ Cat#: None Keywords: Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Pizzawave, Vaporwave Reviewer: Alex Spalding Anybody home, McFly? … no? Ok, I’ll just come back later. It’s just, y’know… it’s too bad, because I … Continue reading

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Lady GaGa – Little Monster (FLP 1)

Artist: Lady GaGa Title: Little Monster Label: Hollywood Records Cat#: FLP 1 Keywords: Pop, Electronic, Rock, Lobit Reviewer: Alex Spalding Probably one of the strangest things we’ve received at YIKIS lately are these two floppy discs by a certain Lady … Continue reading

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Fabrizio Cacciamali – When In A Crowd I Feel Lost (NJMP3-0158)

Artist: Fabrizio Cacciamali Title: When In A Crowd I Feel Lost Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0158 Keywords: Illbient, IDM, Electro, Experimental, Ambient Reviewer: Alex Spalding Fabrizio Cacciamali was a pretty cool guy from Milano in Italy who sent me some of … Continue reading

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Boards Of Canada – Reach For the Dead (Single)

artist: Boards Of Canada title: Reach For the Dead (Single) keywords: electronic label: Warp Records To be honest, I’m someone from the underground. I’m almost like a virgin as the sounds of this main parade act of Warp records, has … Continue reading

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