Alex Spalding – Obelisk EP One

artist: Alex Spalding
title: Obelisk EP One
cat: Siro607
keywords: ambient, electro, other
label: Sirona-Records

After being stretched back to normal positions after the famous showering scene,
my ears and eyes spotted a new EP of nobody less than one of the shower partners in crime.
Clean cut and with a fresh piece of attention, it feels like the perfect time to dive into this EP of Alex Spalding.

Like a lush song for a space porno ‘At Ends To The Means’ enters the ears in a very pretty, petite and sexual way. Beautiful melody, spacious friendliness makes this an enjoyable anthem for a movie not yet made.

‘Meaning Nothing’ has a deep feeling to it, it is perhaps the low base tones that feels like waves where the light-weight new age kind of electronica funk is surfing on top of. Really loving the relaxed vibe on this, it makes me want to put on some sunglasses and move my ass down to the beach.

With ‘Two Exits’ we hear the longest track on this Obelisk EP One. With this tune Alex Spalding shows its friendly side, and gives us the time to completely sink in this relaxing spacey work.
I keep thinking that this album would be perfect music for a easy day in the park, laying down in the grass, counting the birds that fly by and getting blinded by the sun. It is also still very usable to fit under a soft porno movie, it just got this sweet lush sounds that sounds not only sexual, but also very stimulating.

Of course ‘Asmodeus’ is a bit shorter but keeps the listener in the same lush mood. A perfect track to drink a cold beverage in the boiling sun, or just change your sexual position (if you where going for the soft porn aproach)

Track 5 is ‘Yvettron’ which is a very lovely piece of music that feels like a soft warm bed made of feathers. It saddens me that the track stops so quickly, as I do like to lay my head down on sweet music like this.

‘Going’ is something that feels more like a musical idea than an actual track. It got some serious potential within this idea though, It feels like hunting music, it is also more darker than the rest of the works that can be found on this EP.

With ‘Undertribe One’ I believe Alex Spalding did exactly the right thing, deep layers of depth with rhythmic rumbling, and beautiful minimalistic sweet synth works on top that creates a state of sweet trance. Also love that this track actually contains an ending that is approved by the official ‘how to end a song officially and beautifully commitee’.

‘Like The Wind’ is lucky sounding different than what I thought when reading the title.. (I believed it was going to be smelly..) But on a serious note this track has a similar experimental approach of the previous track, warm synth pads are flying into each other with exception of the friendly epic opening of the track.

There is no way a listener will dislike the track called ‘Translucid’, it is perhaps where this EP is all about. It feels like this is ‘the main one’, the track that will make you feel good, lift you up and massages your neck with the smoothness this tune is produced in. Beautiful beat, spacious sounds and probably the most contagious and memorable track on this work.  I love how in the beginning  the producer makes the listener a bit off balanced by experimenting with giving a twist to the rhythm.
When the eyes and the rest of the mind lost stability, Alex Spalding puts out the epic Translucid in full force to be kept in your ears forever.

behind the title of ‘Beyond The Word’  is also a very epic and wonderful beauty of a track hidden.
Very spacious and perhaps a bit melodramatic. It is one of these works that feels perfect to sit down too, look at the view in front of you and travel deep in your own thoughts. Dreamy Electronic music that got some eighties feel to it, but most of all it is deeply indulged with rays of sweet love.

The last track ‘Regeneration’ is a thoughtful work that shows more of the sensitive and sensible side of the producer. Ambience with a warm feeling and a deep love for rhythmic electronica. Even though there isn’t perhaps a lot of rhythmic sounds in this track, the baseline pushes it all nicely like a seduced heartbeat. Pretty Beautiful.

The cover of this album could be described as some kind of Pandora’s music box, or a used package for a new invented special condom. The music on this EP was to me also something that was a bit of a contrast. The first part felt like something on the edge of music perfect for love making, background music for soft porn, or just chilling out with a beer in a park looking at the birds or the rabbits.
And more at the end of this EP it felt like the music hit genius parts and went more on a serious note, more melodramatic, more ambient with balls and yet more sentimental that when listening in a special mood, might give you a tear falling from one of your ears…
In any way the whole sound flows well into each other from track to track, (even though some tracks seems to be cut off) , so whatever you are in too, I’m sure your music will be in this one somewhere.
Get this release for free over at the following link:

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