Luxurious Dagger – Glue Factory

artist: Luxurious Dagger
titel: Glue Factory
cat: ARGREC20
Keywords: Plunderphonics, experimental
label: Argali Records

After listening to the ‘To The Prettiest One’ compilation, there is a hunger for more ingenious audio. Lucky Luxurious Dagger just dropped a new record, exactly feeding our ears what it was begging for! The first track is surprisingly called ‘We Want More’ and takes the ears on some kind of journey for the minds. Luxurious Dagger uses a lot of sound bites from various locations to let them speak for his mind. In the beginning the track comes across as a bit comical, with a child repeating in total childlike excitement ‘how much she want more’. As i write the previous sentence I must say in writing it seems like a little awkward thing to say for a child, but in the music itself it feels more of a spontaneous kind. More conversations follow, ending with some kind of awakening that reality is decided by the universe.

‘Barbara’ is one of these tracks that is a lot of fun. Perhaps not a lot of fun for Barbara herself, as she burst down into tears after a while. But for the listener it is seriously good fun to dance on the witty remarks that makes Barbara so terrible uncomfortable. Wear a little girl costume and wave a white tissue in the hand while dancing around the living room, never seemed so much fun as now!

The red citizen takes us on a journey into the times where people started to be labeled as ‘communist’. It just makes me think that nowadays political dissidents are labeled ‘domestic terrorists’. I could write ten pages of the possible link of these ‘trendy’ words in history, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to mingle politics and reviewing together. Just to finalize it, in some countries the unrightfully labeling people for political reasons ‘communist’ still happens, with disastrous circumstances. But nowadays the spotlight is on Kim jong un, as he is the son of the real deal at the moment. Anyway, my mind was wondering off triggered by the music and the chopped up stretched out content that lies within it. Even though Luxurious Dagger let the words speak like the person has suffered a stroke, the music that surrounds it is sinister.

The following work is an attempt to hypnotize the listener in a state of trance. Everything gets pulled out of the hat to get the right results. Suggestions, manipulation, squeaky warmth of comfort and a handful of sleeping dust of mister sandman. At the end of the work some listeners will be far asleep, but do not worry it is all within the plan of ‘Accidental Hypnosis’.

I’m not sure if this is the state of hypnosis or that this is reality, but whatever is happening for some strange reason my ears directed to the ingenious chopped up Wayne’s World track from the “to the prettiest one, compilation’. For everyone who isn’t aware of this track, it is an epic example of what great tracks you can get when manipulating and chopping, looping and stabbing the right things together. This tune rocks!

And what else rocks even brilliantly harder? Well that must be the Bye Cycle tune of this release. It cracks me up and I’m convinced it will crack every listener up, leaving them with a gigantic smile on the face. I will not go into detail of this tune as it will totally spoil the brilliant experience of complete surprise. But there is no doubt at all that this is blatantly the best ‘goodbye’ track I’ve ever heard! Get ‘Glue Factory’ and I’m sure it will be stuck to your ears! Get it over here at the following link:

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