Naturial – Journey into Space of God

artist: Naturial
title Journey Into Space Of God
cat: siro609
keywords: post rock, ambientronic,spacerock, psychedelic, experimental
label: Sirona Records

boom boom bang bang and bring on the drumroll! That is how ‘ Peripheral Vision’ starts and when it continues ,rather quickly a contagious tuned guitar jumps along with the rolling beat. After this energetic outburst a calm moment arrives where only a lonely surfers guitar remains to bring some happily lose strings to our ears for the ultimate vacation on the beach flavor.

With ‘space travel’ it is time to dream away on the wonderful mellow sounds of music. A very pretty, slow track that focuses on the sweet and the kindness kind of guitar music. When the strings get filtered through a nice distortion filter of some kind, the whole track lifts up in all its bright epic-ness. And when you think that the track is on its brightest, it just manages to give it one big step further beyond expectation. I know now which track to bring on my future space travels to push the boundaries of weightlessness!

Talking about being weightless, the next track ( Galactic Ghoul ) sounds like how I imagine jumping on the moon would sound like. Well if it could be translated into music of course. Bouncing and half flying, jumping higher and higher and some claustrophobic thoughts while being alone in your space helmet.

‘Mars Curse’ is an adventurous walk on a lonely planet. Mars, probably. The guitar strings are singing a song of being homesick or just the realization that there is nothing really on mars worth traveling too.

With ‘What galaxy do we live in’, the artist makes our head crumble with questions. Who are we? what is our purpose? Why are we here? Who enjoys eating fish sticks? The music luckily seduces all this thoughts with smooth, loving music where guitar strings are the doctor, the drums are the nurses and the powerful ending; the solution to all our questions!

‘Magnetosphere’ is the last track on this spacious EP and brings an unassuming mystique within the sadness of sound. The guitar jingles alone like a depressed failed astronaut while the enjoyable rhythmics are pushing it into the right direction. This track is in my opinion one of these pieces of music that captures depression & loneliness and bakes a perfect magnetosphere from it to sink in. I know it may sound weird but this track made me lose a couple of tears… And even though I will miss them, it was completely worth it!

If you feel like going on a spacious space walk with original played melodic guitars, drums and a mix of strange feelings than this release could certainly be something to consider to check out!

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