irrlicht project – uygur forests

artist: irrlicht project
title: uygur forests
keywords: psychedelica,experimental,noise,electronica,lobit

Originally this release was intended to be released on a floppy, but as for miraculous reason it ended up for free download so everyone in the world could get their ears dribbled in goodness! If you are into experimental, rhythmic psychedelica, originality and classy music to trip out of your skull with amazement, than you might skip this review and hit straight for the download link at the bottom of this text. Or just read along, it won’t harm you..

A steady heartbeat and a sub woofing base, that makes the walls rill with vibrations. Slowly morphing movements creates a orgasmic atmosphere where experimental techno comes to mind. The inserted elements of pure electronic perfection really come to light when the sound moves in rhythmic melodies that are like dinosaurs when being refreshingly different. This work is incredible trippy and the rhythmic and electronic sounds are like a perfect match to transfer the attitude of every listener into a blissful episode of psychedelics. I have a feeling that my description is not convincing enough to describe how good this actual sound trip is, but it is totally recommended to listen for yourself! This is one of this underrated gem that proofs how much great and creatively good music is floating around the underground! Go and get this wonderful sound adventure for inspiration and above all for pure enjoyment of psychedelic electronica! Perfection, I tell ya!

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