McFiredrill – Floppy Disk Single

artist: McFiredrill
title: Floppy Disk Single (DD)
label: Superbutton
keywords: experimental,chiptune,breakcore

As the head of the superbutton netlabel McFiredrill sails its ship of great catchy chiptune friendly artists always in the right direction. His personal works are setting a standard for all who wants to know more about what this crew is all about. Personally I’ve found Superbutton a great joy of a label, where lots of good and friendly uplifting vibes goes hand in hand with ingenious creativity of these memorable (and loved) chiptune sounds. Today it’s all about Floppy Disks and as this is a downloadable floppy disc single by this undetground legend, it suits the mood perfectly!

PRG-HACK (ft dr. Dad) is like playing a game of old school Nintendo classics high on ketamine. Well perhaps not the player is on the right doses of horse tranquilizer, but the music definitely is! This is absolutely a good thing as friendly sounds are where all the roads are heading! This tune feels like we going through a couple of hardcore gaming, breakbeats, chiptune bleebs, Japanese girls as groupies cheering up along the way, and of course a very happy ending!

With track two McFiredrill has risked his own life to record this audio recording of acid. Not acid as in techno music, but the acid where, if you happen to fall in it, could be dissolved in no time! We can hear the sounds of this dangerous liquid from very close up, without having to risk any dangerous side effects. Damn interesting, I would say!

RAINBOW HEARTS DEATH is a cute assault. No dangerous liquids but stealth breakbeats, hyper hardcore beats, a collage of cuteness that hits the listener on the head with an energetic inflatable hammer!

supermariobros4 is a lot of fun to play it seems, I mean not the actual game but this track. Hitting spongy pixel boxes, jumping over magic mushrooms, clownish turtles, and pony tales! A fast, fun loving track that screams; enjoyment!

The last track featured on this unlimited version of a limited (and probably) rare floppy diskette is an excellent one! It touches upon acid-liked elements, danceable madness, chiptunic friendliness and even an old steam train seems to be involved! A lot of fun seems to be the general theme of this release. So don’t hesitate to move over to the following link for download galore:

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