Veggieman – In The Light Of Machines Single

artist: Veggieman
title: In The Light Of Machines Single
format: mp3 / ex floppy disk
keywords: dance, rock

Taken from a floppy is this old school sounding single by Veggieman. The first track that the ears will encounter when going for this release is ‘A. Mosko Tel Espandere (Radio Edit)’. It sounds more English than the track title wants you to believe, but I guess the ‘oh yeah’s’ in music is a general language used in techno music all around the world. This danceable tune feels extremely retro to me, retro in the sense that it brings back the times of early eighty music, or even the first steps into pop dance music. Of course the lobit rate makes the sound even more pre historic, although the release comes with the note that it has been set free to the world in late 2009. Let’s go for the second side of this mysteriously hot copied content of a floppy disk rarity, shall we?

The B side is ‘UFO Theme (Radio Edit)’ which is a track that shows that Veggieman is more diverse than just a dance pop chart maker. Here we hear a very minimal, raw (radio friendly) rock track that comes straight to the point and stays there until the very end. It does enquire your imagination to give this track an UFO theme, because it just feels more like a rock n roll swindle to me than anything else. If you don’t mind the sweat, the spit and the absentness of this all than you might try collecting this bizarre virtual oddity over here:

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