Cryovolcano – 005 (8R016)

artist: Cryovolcano
title: 005
keywords: lobit, electro, alternative, experimental, 8ravens, 8kbps, electronic,
cat nmbr: 8R016
format: Mp3, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens

i can only describe this as alternative, industrial, catchy,
dark, electonic, refreshing, creative and very very very f*cking good!
think robotic vocoders, think alien space ships,
think amazing lyrics all blend in this wonderful bath of the amazing 8kbps.
my personal favourite is a jug of blood for many reasons you will understand when you listen to this tune yourself.|
its dramatic, dark and still very ear friendly.
this is music for the FREE generation!!
the last killer track ‘The Eastern Call’ is a late night industrial club hit! very siiiiiiiiiickkkk!!!!
enjoy the master of lobit production at its best and grab this wicked album now!

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