Various Artists – Digital Office One (BIZC001)

Various Artists - Digital Office One

So cool, so stylish, so sexy… yes, it could only be the artwork for the Digital Office One compilation from the offices at Business Casual 87′, which I’m told by my friend Dylan has a font like Miami Subs. I’ve only been to Miami once, and I was like, 10 years old or something. But, I can still feel it, somehow.

Artists: Varied
Title: Digital Office One
Label: Business Casual 87′
Cat#: BIZC001
Keywords: Electronic, Chillwave, Eccojams, New Age, Pizzawave, Plunderphonics, Pop, Seapunk, Slow Jam, Sound Collage, Vaporwave
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Just a sec ago, I wrote a review for another compilation titled Music Of The Now Age, in which I mentioned also this compilation, titled Digital Office One. This was the first of the two I discovered, and it is also brilliant in it’s own right, so I figured I needed to review it as well. Found it originally on FB after John Zobele liked it, and then I realized that John Zobele runs this label. I love this label, John Zobele, never let it die! It should live forever, and grow into something… the look and feel is just too kool.

Anyway. Let’s talk about sex.

The first track is titled ‘Girl Magazine Flexi Disc’ by b o d y l i n e. It begins with some tape hiss and then goes straight into some of the most ridiculously slo-mo funk muzak I’ve ever heard. Makes me think of the cover of Heaven 17’s album Penthouse And Pavement. I imagine Business Casual 87′ as an art deco office complex someplace in England.

‘Miami Love’ by DeLorean.88. is hot as fuck. Bangin’ it out like it’s 1989. Deep funk feel with spank-guitars, a highly danceable groove.

Keeping it up is Usha’s ‘Groovin High’, recognizable from it’s chopped and reversed samples from KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘That’s The Way (I Like It)’. Adds some minimal synth sounds, subtle breaks, some nice bits of auto-tuned vox.

Chris†††’s ‘Quivering’ clips up some choice cuts for us, complete with breaks, 80s synths and soulful vocals.

‘Can’t Find Your Love’ by W?ll Flowers is some sexified boogiefunk samples, pitchbent throughout, with awesome digisynth sounds! So good… omg… haha! Love the screwed sax.

Pen15 Club’s ‘Gaufrettes’ is next, one of my faves from this compilation. DX7 bell-pad driven wave/rock for those who wear their sunglasses at night, and live in neon-lit megacities. Music for lofts above punk clubs.

The next track is ‘SURF ~ FOREVER’ by Architecture In Tokyo. It’s really cool, floaty dreamy wave with dub fx on the drums and rhythm guitar that make them sound like they’re crashing out from within a giant hall with all the reverb.

REVERB LITE is next with ‘Widit’, another one of the hawt pieces of classic sound on this comp. Love the sound of the… everything, on this track. Orchestral hits, jittery echo-heavy rock drums, guitar shredding, some badass synth work, lots of effect treatments. Off the hook.

‘VHS Memories’ by Miami Vice comes after, a sound tapestry collage of deep synth pads and warm radio samples. Very lovely!

Then it’s the awesome ‘Lemeroku’ by Blue Limits, with lots of sexy-funk ass grooves, synth basslines that are absolutely perfect, some kind of harmonica type sound that’s really great.

Afterward is ‘$moke Break’ by ??b???d?, like a very special broadcast from the 1980s chopped and fitted with a nice break groove, makes you wanna lean back and smoke against the grey walls of whatever miserable 9-to-5 business you’re stuck pushing papers for. Hypothetically.

The last track is Dystopian Chic, with ‘Afterhours At Samantha’s’, which is like clipped up synth-driven electromuzak r&b, complete with saxophone cheese. Love it! Then it blows that off to bring us some really groovy electrofunk, with smooth synths and plenty of slapbass. The funk continues for awhile, we get some vocals, then it drops off again to be replaced with an even funkier synth-intense electroboogie section. I’m obsessed. Those horns!!! Can’t stop dancing! Then, we come to the slow dance section. Like prom ’85.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it: I’m a huge fan of this compilation. Not even joking, I’m going to be making tunes like this soon. I couldn’t possibly not want to, so much love for all the artists and sounds here. So… you might have to go take a listen at the link down below.

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