La Bella Violencia – Pedida

artist: La Bella Violencia
title: Pedida
keywords: experimental, soundscape, avantgarde
label: Pueblo Nuevo

tones that whistle like you’d never heard before, screeching noises like trains disappearing in a subway system. Filtered sounds, with high hiss  are comfortably meeting up with more touchable sounds. The strangeness that is gathered here in a mind-blowing experience of sound manipulation is even getting more amazing when realizing that everything we hear is generated somehow from a bicycle. At times it is hard to believe as my ears could swear to hear a party trumpet in there, blowing a happy tone. This soundscape is simply amazing and unbelievable enjoyable. With incredible depth and precision the artist seriously kidnap our hearing systems into a world of experimental music that keeps the listener on the edge, while at the same time having a strange mind calming effect. At times the sounds are delightfully bright, distorted, tweaked and fully vibrating the earlobes with adventurous excitement. This movement of music is truly inspiring for anyone who is into bicycles and experimental music (I know a couple of them!) , but is as a stand alone release also lose from this fact, highly enjoyable. It helps that there is the adding of some normal tones that  seems to work as a narrator between the manipulated sounds. My honest conclusion of this first track on this release would be: I enjoyed that so much more than riding a bike!

Time goes so quickly when listening to interesting music. The second track already arrived and starts of with a pleasurable molded layered mass of low sounds, and small crackles, noises and tickles. I have no idea if these are the right words to describe what my ears are hearing, but trust me it is a comfortable happening. The noises are constantly moving and changing, a digital snake crawls on the studio floor while hissing his tongue at the microphone, more interesting crackles are dropped in a serious depth of a soundscape. Sometimes it even tricks my mind into thinking that this is an classical composition with huge tom tons adding some rhythmic directions here and there.

Of course this is just a fraction of my own imagination as this wonderful audio work is pure gold to let your mind go wild on. The depth and the strange high crackles and ticks in the frontal distance are simply taking the listener on a trip. A pure and fascinating one, that surprises when you d’least expect it by adding strange moods, tones and great arrangements. You better play it loud to get these sounds in your system correctly absorbed, because its the pure details that make this track stand out from other experimental soundscapes.

Definitely worth when interested in a traveling, using a bicycle but actually being to lazy to cycle and just want to travel while sitting on the couch. This is a wonderful release to catch up in a world of minimal and maximum sound manipulation, resulting in a nice mind stimulating source of music.
Be sure to get this release over here from the interesting Pueblo Nuevo netlabel:

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1 Response to La Bella Violencia – Pedida

  1. many thanks for the review.
    Mika Martini
    Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel

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