The Backyard – EP

artist: The Backyard
title: EP
keywords: acoustic, laid-back, chill out, love music, sofpop, folk
label: mindblasting

Isn’t life good at times? Mindblasting, a netlabel from Indonesia has just released a wonderful release by a sincere sounding band of love called ‘The Backyard’. This backyard consist of Danu Enggal Prasetio (vocals, guitar, glockenspiel), Erru Ahmadia (vocals, guitalele, glockenspiel, rainsticks) ,Okky Ryandika (vocals, bass, guitalele) , Anissa Amalia (vocals, pianica, glockenspiel)
& Cahyo Citro Handoko (vocals, percussions, glockenspiel, seruling).
Just looking at the instruments that are being used in this group must ring a bell that this is going to be sweet to say the least.

If it depends on the music of the backyard – EP, there will be sunshine and a fine breeze to dream away with. Even if outside the weather is far from perfect, you can just close your eyes and sink in these lovely tracks. It starts with a very laid-back tune ‘morning’, which is trying to wake us up in the most sleepy way possible. The sweet blend of cute , dreamy music simply covers the listener with bedsheets of soft feathers. The singer sings like the impersonation of “laziness”, that sings to announce a new day, but in the mean time tucks you in for another half an hour of sweet sleep.

Very lovely is the ‘Untitled’ track on this sweet EP. A very cute and warm  pretty tune that would be perfect to share with your loved one while sinking in each-others eyes & cuddling in the comfortable zone of a love-nest. Super romantic, warm and definitely a high cute factor.

More love and cuteness shines through in the third track. The music by the Backyard deserves your attention as it is high up there with the toppers of sweet and sincere real music. It is of course not perfect, but that just makes it more humane, more real and authentic. This group could be real big if they wouldn’t prefer to just lay down in the sun in their backyard and play their dreamy lovely music. But I must say, it is not about being big or being small, this band is something that once heard will spread and shared with all the people who have a heart and a soul and a taste of lovely music. I’m sure of it.

The last track ‘night’ is yet another feel good piece of music. Its so nice and lazy that there is no way ‘bad dreams’ will arrive in the night when enjoying this song before going to sleep. A great tip is included in the lyrics which you definitely check out and hear for yourself. If you are (or someone you love) into sweet laid-back love music to cuddle and dream too, than you should make sure to click on the following link for download euphoria:

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1 Response to The Backyard – EP

  1. Danu Enggal Prasetio says:

    Love your review.
    Thank you.
    Regards., 🙂

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