Caelicus Pugna – And there was war in heaven

artist: Caelicus Pugna
title And there was war in heaven
cat: HWR001
keywords: industrial, dark, sampled, soundscape, experimental, ambient
label: HWR

Caelicus Pugna creates a surreal adventure in a landscape created by carefully constructed audio structures. From the beginning it feels like the producer captures the moment of upcoming bad weather in the distance. Footsteps are walking us hopefully of the right direction of this obscure world the artist invited our ears in. Synthetic lifeforms are showing up like low flying birds warning for heavy rain. A low humming noise together with the sound that represents bad weather is keeping the atmosphere tense.  We are lucky that Caelicus Pugna steered the foot prints and our ears seemingly away from the rain…

‘Blood For Blood’ is a short but haunting audio experience that feels like traveling ghosts in the subway system.

A track called ‘interlude’ that isn’t a interlude is what we are hearing next. We hear mumbling ritualistic talk on a  audio bed of dark tones that keeps the emotions very tight. Something bad might happen any moment, or perhaps a holy miracle in this holy night of darkness.

Unexpectedly  a strange deja-vu moment arrives when listening to ‘Death for Death’. This is one of these moments that will remind you that Caelicus Pugna is a true experimental project and always manage to somehow play with the mind, one way or another. After all the confusion the mind is getting when listening to this track it is obvious we are back in the haunted subway system. And this time the spooky traveling spirits are deadly serious.

Last but certainly not least is the very pretty track ‘falling from heaven’. We hear heavenly highlights and an awesome free air drop from the ultimate great heights. The noises around the ears are giving us a moving movement that is like an magnetic attraction to gravity. The process get slightly more frightening along the way. The journey from heaven to wherever we are falling from got a magical visual view and the artist makes sure that we land softly on some soft green spot. This is probably the closest you can experience a fall from heaven, and also the safest one! Skydiving has never been captured in such a pretty sound work so definitely worth your adventurous attention.

This was and is the first release of Cealicus Pugna, it was a physical release before (and looks damn hot!), but as the artist decided to halt the project, he made it available for everyone to download for free! Here is your wonderful opportunity to enjoy and explore this project in its purest top form! Delicate audio experiments that are like petite fragments of visual story’s for the mind. Get this record for free at the following link:

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