ERMO – Single

artist: ERMO
title: Single
keywords: rhythmic European music with bongo’s?
label: ?

Released on the 5th of may 2008 and downloaded exactly 5 times (YIKIS are the filthy fifth downloader..) , this might be considered a rare rarity in netlabel land. This digital ‘single’ deserves a little bit more love and attention than just being dumped to dust away on the servers of . This track is really not bad at all, with its groovy percussions (are there any bongo loving lovers in the house?) and Ben Hur arabic movie kind of strings, it delivers a groovy samba-tastic track for the old movie fanatic. Imagine an granddad version of Indiana Jones in an elders-home, playing along with the bongo’s, while adjusting his hearing aid.. For a single it isn’t very catchy, but hey there are bongo’s inside! Who doesn’t like bongo’s? Who can resist bongo’s? Did I already mention the bongo’s? Perhaps forget about this whole Ben Hur/ Old Greying Indiana Jones figure rocking out in his wheelchair. This single is more like when you are going into a hipster bar and some percussionist is payed to bongo along with the television in the background. Or maybe not, I’m confused at this moment in time. I can only think of bongo’s and the fun fact that if you click on the link below you might actually be the 6th person downloading this un-catchy (but not that bad sounding..) rhythmic single. Do whatever you feel like, but if you wanna show this lonely and dusty recording a little bit of love (even if you hate bongo’s) , than please consider clicking on the following link and download this crap:

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2 Responses to ERMO – Single

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    I’m enjoying this, you dug up a real gem!!!

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