Mitch Murder – Television EP (KM-MIT001)

Mitch Murder - Television EP

The artwork for Mitch Murder’s Television EP is of a television in very high contrast. Very B).

Artist: Mitch Murder
Title: Television EP
Label: Karakasa Music
Cat#: KM-MIT001
Keywords: 80’s, Electronic, Electro Funk
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

… but that’s not all! If you call in right away, Mitch Murder’s Television EP can be yours for the low, low price of just… *click* … we’ll return soon to the Television EP by Mitch Murder but, first, a word from our sponsors… *click* Don’t change that dial! Television EP… *click* … feeling achy? Sad all the time? Try Mitch Murder… *click*

Television is boring and predictable. The Television EP by Mitch Murder? Pretty much the opposite. If I could replace my television with the Television EP, I would do so. Thankfully, I don’t have to make silly choices like this. Marie Antoinette, before losing her head, is reputed to have said, “Let them eat cake!” and so I shall, and have it, too.

The first track is ‘Television’, which is like… so sweet. 808-style electro grooves, a fat bassline sequence, some great vocal samples, lovely bell chords, ultra-tight leads. So amazing!!! So danceable!!! That’s about all that need be said.

Taking it down is ’84th Precinct’, a smoky, sex-fueled night in neon city. Comes in slow with 808, some digi-pad sounds. Love that snap on the snare. Satellite-style leads… so beautiful. Damn, this is hot. I could just chill to this all night. I want to fall back on giant pillows. The rhythms are really great, very nice sequencing. Ends on an uplift!

Next is ‘Uprock’, beginning with a super-fab bassline, some emerging choirs, a lite-arp and… wait for it… synth tom rolls! The melody and harmony sections really pop on this one. Wanting to dance but can’t take my fingers off the keys. Sparkling bells, a slight breakdown happens that’s damn sexy. Oooh! There are some really fucking nice synth sweeps, then a breakdown section!

Last, but not at all least (how could you call any of the trax on this least?) is ‘Late Night Cruise’. It’s got that rolling Italo / electro type sound, pulsing bassline, more lovely leads, a nice 4/4 groove. Beautiful, beautiful. Especially when the beat gets taken down, it’s just a wow moment. So many of those throughout this EP. Loving those robo saw stabs.

Some sexy electro, super sleek, shiny like an Italian Sportscar. It has this sound, really clean and sharp, and though I told myself I wouldn’t try to draw any comparisons, there is definitely something to it that reminds me of Paul Hardcastle, particularly on Rain Forest. This is SO on it, though… I think in many ways it surpasses even that luminary figure of classic 1980s electro. A very, very worthwhile EP, and one I’m now proud to have around for whenever the mood strikes, which I believe will be often.

Television watches you watch television. Will you watch television? There is nothing on. What is on is you. You are in the television watching you watch television. Choose internet. Choose Mitch Murder:

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