Various Artists – Netlabel Mixtape: Perempuan (Indonesian Netlabel Union

artists: various artists
title: Netlabel Mixtape: Perempuan (Indonesian Netlabel Union
keywords: uplifting, indie, rock, synth pop, electronica, diverse
label: Hujan! Records

Here at YIKIS We love compilations, especially when they contain carefully selected enjoyable quality music makers in a perfect line-up. We also love to get to know passionate netlabels and the core of artists on their talent list. The following Label mix of the Indonesian Hujan! Records is not only a great way to discover new bands, acts and music producers but also just a pure joy to listen too. 10 Excellent tracks that even in its diversity, are a perfect match of pretty well crafted music that could be enjoyed by every generation around the world. Pretty music and fun for everyone, we would like to say!

It all starts of with the pretty piece of music by ‘The Analog Girl’ called ‘Hyp’. This is an extremely laid back (almost trip hop) sweet electronic track that knows how to  make its minimal melodic layers and an incredible lush vocal capabilities melt into a very memorable and rewind-worthy classic. Pretty music!

More pretty music is delivered by an awesome sounding band called ‘Ballerinas Killer’. The song which is a rehearsal demo of ‘Seharusnya Kau Tahu Arti Sepi’ contains everything you could wish for if you are into cute indie kind of music. Sweet girly vocals, arousing guitar work, tight drums and an energetic bit that brings the tune to a complete new level. This tune speaks for itself so there shouldn’t be too much problem with the language barrier. Super sweet!

And now it’s time to put some daisy’s in your hair and meet up with your friends in the sun, dance around careless and free while listening to ‘The Tears Never Stop Until I Close My Eyes’ by ‘Sarin’. Great uplifting summer vibes with enjoyable guitar riffs  for instant feel goodness!

This compilation leaves nothing to complain as Angsa & Serigala takes over with energetic and sentimental good vibes! ‘Bahagia’ is absolutely a well played song that simply delivers great and real music! thought that real music didn’t exist anymore? well this proofs it is very much alive and sounding very fresh!

Etza Meisyara’s ‘Marionette Opera’, is the first seemingly more experimental track on this compilation. With its rolling beats and distant feminine vocals and odd music, it comes across to my ears as the good side effects of a fever. Trippy with a light headed head and awkward perceptions, listening to sweet music from an groggy tropical planet.

I just fell in love with a personal highlight on this compilation with a sweetest synth pop touch that goes straight into your heart. I’m a sucker for cute music and it can’t be much more rainbow and glitter than this lovely tune by Electrical Address. The cuteness is even raised up with the sincerest fragile sounding vocals of a girl and a boy.. This track will make every listener into a bisexual, because whatever you are into, this is the ultimate lovable music! Not to forget that its also incredible uplifting and mood enhancing! It’s hard to find music that makes you instantly happy , but ‘Travolution’ is for sure such a tune! Love it!

The Frankenstone delivers the perfect follow up with a delicious girl-punk track, that provides more feel good vibes and energy! Their song ‘Uncommercialized Prostitue’ kicks ass the friendly way!

Amazing In Bed delivers another load of musical vitamins with ‘Lagu Hujan (Koil Cover)’. Amazing In Bed is playing extremely tight and this results in a track that makes you in the mood to crowd surf, or even cloud surf!

The next act has a very odd name, Pewee In The Garage. I can just hope that the creepy image of PeeWee Herman would crawl back down the memory hole as this tune deserves a sweeter memory. The song is called ‘Distance’ and seems to be a love song that is pure innocence, and probably sugarcoated with extra layers of chocolate. It is weird to hear this ultimate sweetness after all these tracks with a certain asskick attitude, but the fragility of it all takes also a lot of guts to make i guess. This tune is Pretty in pink.

The last track is also sounding very fragile, but is without all the sugar and feathers. This touches my heart and soul with its stripped down content of just a girl and her guitar expressing herself. My heart shivers when her voice sings her mind while the fingers strum the strings. Absolutely love the humanity and sincerity that is recorded here, its like someone pure is opening her heart and recorded a moment in time for our ears to enjoy. What a lovely and pretty ending for this absolutely enjoyable compilation!
Definitely recommend to download this pretty, sweet, energetic, fragile, honest and pure feel good release as soon as you can at the following link:

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