artist: MHNUNRRN
title: 24
cat: FNR001
format: Floppy Diskette (15 print)
keywords: never heard before sounds, noise, experimental
label: Floppy Noise Records!/FloppyNoiseRecords?

There is something you ears probably never ever heard before. It sounds incredible, fierce and wildly animalistic. Like throat singers with the breath of rotting corpses trying to use their powerful lungs to blowup houses made of stone! Extreme wind that goes directly where it wants to and destroying everything that comes between it.The growling sounds of Ancient demons are your ears worst nightmare as they seem to take no prisoners! The wrecking sounds are like a ride inside a tornado of incredible powerful noises.

All these never heard before sounds are not a fragment of the insane imagination, but they actually are safely contained and captured on an extreme must have floppy diskette! If you are smart it might be a good idea to go down and grab yourself a copy of this release. The content of this floppy is so powerful that it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, so in either way if you are using it or not, it is better to keep it safe at your home for the feeling of protection and your own safety.

This beast comes in pretty designed artwork that gives the eyes something to keep an eye on. Go down to the official distributor of Floppy Noise Records and order yourself a copy (or get them all, so you would be sure that these destructive weapons not end up in the wrong hands..). get them over here:
or mail Floppy Noise Records direct: dir666 @ (with note: “for FNR”)

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