hiyohiyoipseniyo – €! (single)

artist: hiyohiyoipseniyo
title €! (single)
cat: DKR-156
keywords: surrealism, noise, expérimental, avant garde, pop
label: Diabetic Koala

The experimental artist with the dada-istic repertoire never fails to impress. With its great artworks and all round carefully created musical absurdity, it also manages to deliver a smile to the depths of the underground.
When receiving the news of a free  single by hiyohiyoipseniyo, the ears where glowing from excitement.
It wasn’t a surprise that this ‘single’ is no ‘like a virgin’ of Maradonna fame, or a ‘Bad’ from the only black man who died as a white woman. ( no offense to whoever maybe offended..)

‘no no zz’ is an short absurdistic experimental track that feels like it is taking itself or its art form not all too seriously. Perhaps this is the light entertainment of the future as the Maradonna’s and Micheal Jocksons where in the Eighties. It isn’t very memorable, but it is very consumable. We hear some futuristic chopped up beats that try to trick us that there is an actual rhythm here. The tune also contains some weird singing sound that feels like someone in the future attempts to perform an opera while showering. The end part makes our ears at ease as we can all laugh this fluff away together in harmony.

the second part of this single highlights what my ears have guessed. The friendly artist has managed to urinate with great persiflage and humor over the whole concept of ‘singles’ in general. The future is noise, but with enjoyable  characters  like hiyohiyoipseniyo around, there will be lots to smile and joke about too.

With ‘EUROeVilio’ we are seriously listening to the hilarious essence of commercially released hit singles in Europe. The annihilation of this phenomenon sounds like a joy into anarchistic artistic ears, and I can only stand on top of a chair and applaud this track for capturing the essence in brilliant absurdity! You’ve done it again hiyohiyoipseniyo , you have done it again! (clap, clap, clap, clap..)
The future is now, the end of commercial music is near, get ready for the avant-garde future-pop hit ‘single’ sensation over here:

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