Material Action – Mixed Emotions

artist: Material Action
title: Mixed Emotions
cat: Siro529
keywords: Electronica, 80’s
label: Sirona-Records

When pressing the play button on the debut release from Material Action, it simply alters the mood and surroundings in an instant. The first musical enjoyment with the name “Bengali’ transports the lucky listener to a feel good happy moment in our precious time. It looks a lot like the pretty side of the eighties, where feel good synth music is lifting up the dance floor with positive feel good vibes. Big haircuts, spandex, giant shoulder pads, all grooving about on the music of Material Action.

With ‘over again’ this wonderful band introduces lush electronic vibes that creates lots of depth in the sexy dance music. Sweet melodic music that even though it is making the body move, it also chills out like cooling down after sitting in a hot tub.

‘The rift’ goes on where the previous beauty had left us. Joyful ambience of uprising synth pads that are extremely spacious and pretty are announcing an fantastic dance track. The thing is that this tune is very original and surprises my ears in the good way with unexpected twists of groovy played percussion and lush dream state of funky melodies. The tune goes deeper and deeper with layers of beautiful depth and pretty synthpop epicness. So pretty and inspiring, futuristic and yet so retro! Talking about ‘Material Action’; If this tune would be marriage material, I would definitely want to marry it!

Perhaps I would have to start up a harem containing more of these tracks as ‘December’ is yet another inspiring pretty bird of music. Sweet and lovely material action over here that relaxes the ears by supplying an interesting tune that smells like roses on a bed of sakura. Lovely loopy trippy light weighted music that transport the ears to a beautiful park with a stomach full of magic mushrooms. So pretty and that for a December month!

The title track of this album ‘Mixed Emotions’ does honor its name in all its retro fantasticalness. There is a special treat for everyone it seems, contagious baselines, groove-able dancy synths, unexpected electronic noises, extremely grooving rhythms, a unmissable contagious cowbell, power toms for good eighties memories, pretty soft sweetness for ambience lovers & before I forget: also some Prodigy sounding sounds at the beginning, ‘out of space’ here we go! You can read about it but trust me it is much better to spin this music loud and let yourself go! Dance on top of the washing machine, butt-naked in the garden! But whatever you do, make sure you keep spinning this music loudly!

This record is just getting better and better, while it was already at its bestest. With ‘Latin Vibes’ the band is grooving harder with a loud loveable undeniable fierce rhythm! Add unexpected synth sweetness, spacious pretty melodies and groovy funkiness and well you created a dance extravaganza! Hmm so groovy! I could swear this tune comes with sambaballs, tropical drinks and you and your pretty friends in the moonlight dancing on a tropical island!

One of your friends just might introduces the newest dance moves in town, known as ‘the tiger’. You simply shake your shoulders back and forward, move down to the ground and start walking on all fours with your friends in circles. Listen to the music and hear when to lift up your right and when the left feet high up the air. Groovy music that will for sure make every party in to a successful one!

More drinks please! No, no beers! This record demands and screams tropical cocktails! And perhaps it also urges for the latest accessories: fluffy tiger tales! The good vibes continue to deliver a state of danceable acid retro trance synth pop with a stand-alone version of more Tiger music. This time the dance is freestyle, with body’s interacting with the funky vibrations, the claps to clap along with and a tiger that gives a growling sound watching the spectacle!

After all this dancing it is time for Material Action to introduce ‘We Don’t Stop’ to the party. A laid back feel good track that feels perfect to play in the night. Dancing away on sentimental sounds of recognizable sounds of feel good retro music. Next to the funky base that rubs us in the right direction, my ears spotted some mouth harp in the mix, hidden among some joyful percussion.. This is pure   enjoyment, with or without tequila!

“Grey’. To me this color is probably referred to the dancing elephants who are obviously enjoying this tune tremendously. They dance around the swamp, holding each others tails while Material Action delivers spacious played horns on luxurious organic synthesizer works. I might add that this tune is not only enjoyable for elephants, as humans would probably be enjoying themselves on this wonderful sound too. I’m not so sure about us holding each others tails, but after a few drinks, why not?

“Dangerous” is a safe track to listen and to wiggle your body parts too. Or perhaps wiggling your body parts in public might be considered dangerous in some surroundings. Don’t do the fake harlem shake in the streets of Harlem, Kids!
You might end up doing the Robotic Funk Dance on this dangerous track, and you know how well that goes down at the local coffee table! All in all this record is a music-non-stop, full of melodic synthesizer galore, groovy rhythms and feel good tropical party tracks with a futuristic retro feel! Absolutely a must have for any self respected cocktail dance party! The most amazing thing is that this album is available for free download at the following link:

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