Boards Of Canada – Reach For the Dead (Single)

artist: Boards Of Canada
title: Reach For the Dead (Single)
keywords: electronic
label: Warp Records

To be honest, I’m someone from the underground. I’m almost like a virgin as the sounds of this main parade act of Warp records, has never entered my ears before. Of course I have heard the name ‘Boards Of Canada’ drop many times in my short life time. It seems that the magic of this duo’s music is traveling all over the globe, from illustrious figures to even more mainstream persona, who are dying for a break of all the crap MTV has been feeding them these days.
Perhaps this is the reason for this vibrant excitement online that goes around for the awaiting new album of this (to me) mysterious electronica act. They are obviously good, there is no doubt about that..
Reading comments on a iTunes page where you can pre-order the album, it seems like even without any preview, this album is being sold in good faith and faster than a box of chocolate cookies.

Anyway as the full length album will be released the 10th of Jun. And the excitement of the insane world of social media goes in a complete feverish state in the mean time. I thought this was a good moment to lose my BOC virginity and listen to the already released single of this upcoming ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ album. Is it worth the $1.29 when there is so much nice IDM-ish music for free out there? Well that is of course not for me to decide. And I’m sure that if this ‘experience’ will be pleasurable enough to go for the album, there will be many torrents supporting the poor people who still acquire good music without spending a penny.
Anyway let’s skip the wedding and continue to the moment the ‘Boards Of Canada’ will enter my body for the first time..

They have been walking around in the dessert, hiding under tiny pieces of sand and dust to protect themselves from the heavy sunshine. After years of absence 2013 was reached safely and the microscopic pleasurable sounds of electronic music decide to come out of hiding.
Slowly facing the surface, opening their eyes and lift off to fly through the blue sky, over this deserted wonderful landscape. The beautiful electronic ambiance and micro rhythms in this long awaited single by ‘Boards of Canada’ are like an uprising after a long and well deserved sleep.
The theatrical melodic approach makes this track of great allure and grandness. And even though there are useful trademark electronic beats at the end, the crafted atmosphere seems to be more prominent, making these rhythms almost obsolete.

Yes, Okay dear people, I have done it! I’m now officially one of these people who have actually ‘heard’ the Boards Of Canada. Perhaps it was just one track, but I’m sure the rest will be something similar in this trend? Or perhaps not? Anyway it was nice and comfortable. It will probably take a couple of years more before finding out what the rest is all about. But I’m sure you all know what is going around, and if not, perhaps you should do some research for yourself. I’ll stick with DIY, netreleases and self made hot acts, just because some of them deserve just as much praises (or even a bit more, thinking about the creative packages they make them selves)  and excitement and obviously not getting the full attention they so deserve. Oh, there’s some more obscure tapes and floppy discs at the door! What’s this? Lady Gaga on a floppy diskette? Toxic Chicken in a diaper?
ah.. bless the underground!

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3 Responses to Boards Of Canada – Reach For the Dead (Single)

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    Oh yeah! I love BoC too, fan for years! Didn’t like The Campfire Headphase, though. :/

    • ehmmusic says:

      Campfire Headphase was a real opinion splitter, you either love it or you hate it, for me it was more of the amazing soundscapes and ideas I have come to love. Dayvan Cowboy and the accompanying video was just incredible! Really REALLY excited to hear this next album, the sounds these guys find are just amazing. If I could make music half as good as them I would be a happy man!

      • Alex Spalding says:

        It really was! I remember when it came out, it kind of felt like, ok, BoC and an era have ended… but I gotta say, I’m excited to hear what else they might be cooking up. 😉

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