DeLorean.88. – Sleepwalking (None)

DeLorean.88. - Sleepwalking

What manner of time paradox is this? I will tell you! It is the album artwork for DeLorean.88.’s Sleepwalking, by John Zobele, in which a DMC-12 sits aloft a stylized font out of which also spring aerobics instructors and mattresses. Don’t worry, Marty got the whole thing on tape.

Artist: DeLorean.88.
Title: Sleepwalking
Label: Business Casual 87′
Cat#: None
Keywords: Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Pizzawave, Vaporwave
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Anybody home, McFly? … no? Ok, I’ll just come back later. It’s just, y’know… it’s too bad, because I had this awesome album I was going to tell you about. But, I guess that’s fine. I mean, I’m writing a review about it right now anyway. Sleepwalking, by DeLorean.88., is another album we received for review by request, which is funny because I had actually been planning on reviewing it anyway! I’ve got my flux capacitor charged and 1.21 gigawatts of power to burn, so if my calculations are correct…

… the album begins with ‘Welcome’. A hi-hat snap keeps time while sound samples float into the mix. Then there’s a breakbeat along with vocal samples uttering “DeLorean” in places randomly. The groove gets chopped up a bit, and I’m enjoying their use of tape crackle.

The power of love is on full display in ‘Love’s Not For You’, which starts with a nice little tom roll and heads into some damn fine electrofunkwave jams. Hot filtering, sounds seem to slap you in the ass. Great Scott!!!

You can ‘Count On Me’ next, with it’s fade in of lowdown electrofunk that dips into some super, super McFly sounding shit. That reminds me, Marty. You better not hook up to the amplifier. There’s a slight possibility of overload. The groove is so catchy! I’m in love!

‘I Could Dream’, but don’t need to. The sounds are right here, in real time. Clipped, syncopated lofi funk, very wacky editing and production!

‘Windows 84’ is sparkly and electro-chime-laden ’80s type stuff, very nice!

A tape-rumbling static starts us out on ‘Interlude (One Night I Dreamt)’, before taking us on a wild ride of filterfunk ambient hip hop. It’s like a barely lucid cruise down a desolate but brightly lit avenue, at night. But… roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Let’s see if you bastards can do 90… ‘Sleepwalking’ begins with a vocal sample and then bangs out some intense and repetitive filter-house that will make you wanna dance. This one really thumps, before winding down at the end.

Chuck! Chuck, it’s Marvin! Your cousin, Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this… playful, funky grooves are the focus on ‘Cruise Control’. Great little synth bits, like on pretty much all of the material so far combine with the wet mixing, creating a nostalgic swirl.

‘4AM’ sounds like tape static and ambient textures, and then the beat comes in which is just really nice, mild electro, causing the other sounds in the mix to warp for it’s short duration.

‘Someone New’. Whoa… this is heavy. Thick electrofunk cuts are woven together with some really sweet female vocals.

I’ve got the hots for ‘Cruise Control II’, and speaking of hot, it’s mixed like it’s on fire, produced in the red for ultimate heat. Electrofunk, delirious editing, filtered to hell and back. This one rocks your body hard, when it’s not just fucking your head up.

The plutonium-fueled ‘Pacific’ is mega ultra filtered electro funk house type stuff, really infectious!

I was monitoring that scan you just interfaced. You are terminated!.. just kidding, there’s still one more track to go, titled ‘Continuous Love’. It’s a final bit of filtered electro funk loops, very pleasant and bright, a wonderful end to a wonderful album.

You’re definitely going to want to download this. Unless you’re too… chicken. Now, why don’t you make like a tree and click on the link below:

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3 Responses to DeLorean.88. – Sleepwalking (None)

  1. I’m diggin’ on this album. Thanks for turning me on to some new tunes. I just wish they had gone with a CC license so I could play it on my show. But yeah, there is good jams through out.

  2. obsysteme says:

    80’s shit is the shit right now! But this keeps in just enough odd to make it underground I think, as opposed to stuff like Com Truise and such… enjoyed it.

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