Heavy Metal – Cadillac 69 (NJMP3-0180)

Heavy Metal - Cadillac 69

The album art for Heavy Metal’s Cadillac 69 is a collage, in which a girl in bikini flies over a car test crash… it’s in black and white and it looks pretty cool.

Artist: Heavy Metal
Title: Cadillac 69
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0180
Keywords: Industrial, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

The artist Heavy Metal was a one-time member of psycho-DaDa group Tango Mango and, last I heard, was in the experimental absurdist group Olelé Brut who’s Album Di Merda I reviewed some time ago. All of the work he sent in was pretty cool, though I only have three of his four Noise-Joy singles available any more.

‘Cadillac 69’ begins with some electro synth playing and then adds a loud, heavy analogue basskick stomp. Synths swarm around the beat overhead, buzzing in your face. Then the vocals come in, and the feel of the track is like early electropunk / new wave type music, but very in your face. I love it! The synths seem to squawk, hiss, buzz, chirp, all while creating strange electronic feedback together.

It’s just one track, and a fun listen, so pl0x be to checking it out, at the link below:


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