Perpetual Darkness – Rape

artist: Perpetual Darkness
title: Rape
cat: FNR006
format: floppy diskette (15 print)
keywords: Drone , Noise
label: Floppy Noise Records!/FloppyNoiseRecords

This record is not for the weak minded, the ones that can’t handle the shocks of terror that hails within this recording of pure evil. Do not listen to this when depending strongly on a pacemaker as it might be the last thing you will ever hear..
Horror fanatics, devil worshipers, Gothic inhabitants of planet earth and other Hellish freaks would certainly having a blast to own this demonic release. The good thing is that this is one of these records that is also a lot of fun to lent out to unexpected listeners, acquaintances and other vulnerable people. Just imagine the priceless shock on their faces when this recording scares the hell out of them! Totally worth the penny’s if you’d ask me, as it also comes in a good looking package, so you and your future victims have a beauty to hold on too when times get tough!  This is the first time I refuse to exactly review what happens on this floppy diskette. No spoilers here, the only way to find out is to grab this disk for yourself and match the face of horror! Order your copy from the official Floppy Noise Retailer over here:

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