VI-Fi – Long Experiment (single, 2013)

artist: Vi-Fi
title: Long Experiment (single, 2013)
keywords: noise, experimental, electronic
label: Southern City’s Lab
reviewer: DA

Every time I’ll go the toilet to make a big shit, i’ll flush it down. It is very rare for me to take one of these fresh baby’s out of the toilet and than proudly showing  them around.
This is probably a nasty thing to say but the first track on this release feels like a turd to me, that should have been flushed or simply kept in a folder of personal experiments.
No real reason to publish ‘experiments’ through a netlabel as it feels like a boring drumloop and a one take live recording of someone making poppy noises for the first time. Perhaps at YIKIS we are blessed to hear daily creative experimental noise works that are totally inspiring, which makes this track into a forgettable one.
I really hope that the second track on this release is pure ‘gold’!

Even though the title track made me prepare for the worst, this track is on its own a fine noise exploration, very subtle soft experimental sounds with interesting twists, robotic short tones, low buzzes, and other atmospheric elements. It feels like a track from the future where some space traveler has plugged in its transistor radio to receive alien radio stations. It’s a nice and enjoyable track, which in my opinion should have been released alone as it is by far mean no match for a turd. Get to the page over here and check it out for yourself:

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