Avs_Silvester – An Emptiness

artist: Avs_Silvester
title: An Emptiness
keywords: progressive rock, rock, ambient, experimental, post-metal, post-rock, psychedelic rock

Worn out by working hard, sometimes that may result in a very special state of mind. Something that is a confused mix of tiredness and slight depression. These moments in time are probably the ones that I personally find the most precious creative wise. It is hard to do things when feeling low, but when devoting time to express this feeling in creative ways like composing music, mostly ‘pure gold’ is created.

This is also the case with this extreme beauty of a track out of the hands of Avs_silvester. It sounds so different than his normal high spirited compositions, but this certainly captured something truly emotional and special music wise. Dramatic and down, but still very melancholic and very human. A great track to let your tears flow for some perfect release of emotions. Carefully played realism that comes from deep within the soul of Avs_silvester. An absolute reminder of the fact that when times are feeling tough, the music prevails in magical wonders!

Please proceed to the recommended listening material at the following link:

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