RedSK – ☠Fuck (Siro608)

RedSK - ☠Fuck

Dali presents… the artwork for RedSK’s album ☠Fuck! I know… all I can look at is that mustache.

Artist: RedSK
Title: ☠Fuck
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro608
Keywords: Noise Rock, Punk, Garage
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

“The final frontier in sexual retardation.” – tagline from a compilation of terrible Czechoslovakian porno. (Thanks Arnaud!) But now LiveJasmin says it’s time to review RedSK’s album ☠Fuck, of which that tagline also strangely applies.

The first thing to hit your ears is titled ‘Drugs / Mos Cryptic Rendition (Feat. Post War Paranoia)’. There’s a drum beat, a bass guitar, bits of feedback coming through as someone shouts “drugs” into a mic. This is really hot. I was not expecting this before I turned it on! It sounds like a live jam session during an intense house party.

Then it’s ‘Traveling To The Moon / Child Labor In China (Feat. Running To Earth)’. I’m hearing bass, then some drum rolling… then someone starts thrashing the shit out of the drum set and somebody’s talking into a mic. I’m hearing a searing noise coming from someplace… it’s like a chainsaw in the mix. I’m loving these tracks so far, they’re super fresh. I could listen to so much more of this sort of thing than I figure I’m going to get on just this album. There’s something about it that makes you want to get really fucking drunk. It kind of reminds me just a little of early D.A.F., like on Produkt… but it’s definitely got it’s own type of gritty energy. I love how it continuously moves, slowing down and then bursting back into high-octane noise-rock.

‘Punkers Don’t Clean Their Room / The Acid Song (Feat. Post War Paranoia)’… continuing on in much the same drunken basement party way as the previous tracks, not that that’s a bad thing. I’m going to have to go pick up some beer after reviewing this album. There’s some wild bass playing on this track… everything is up to 11. Screamy thrash noise rock!

RedSK really surprised me with this one. I was sitting here expecting harsh noise, and this album is not that… it is a different kind of audio ruckus. Totally be sure to get it at the following link:

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