Shit – Im pretty and I know it

artist: Shit
Title: Im pretty and I know it
cat: TAN207
keywords: noise
label: Tales About Nothing

Hello and good day! And welcome yet again at another glorious review of underground musical entertainment. We hope you don’t mind the ugly smell that comes with it as this is seriously time to dive into some shit! Not the ones that we dump daily out of our bungholes, but the artist who’s name is referred to as ‘Shit’.

“I’m pretty and I know it’ by shit, doesn’t sound like shit, more like an assault of shit! A whole army loaded with canons of extreme noise is shooting a continuous fountain of glorious shit! Shit inn our ears, shit on our faces, shit inside our noses, shit is simple covering every surface! You can’t escape ‘shit’ as with this knowledgeable release of violent waves of noise, its just basically everywhere! Nothing beats a good ‘shit’ in the day, they say! here have a blast at the following link:

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