The Bottomfeeder – Feed The Fix (NJMP3-0261)

The Bottomfeeder - Feed The Fix

Dun-dun… dun-dun… dun-DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN… I think that’s how the title theme of Jaws goes, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s like… if you were to buy the score, you’d just see a page with that written on it. But it also makes a pretty good soundtrack to the album artwork for Feed The Fix, by The Bottomfeeder. And, it’s funny, I don’t believe sharks are considered bottom feeders, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. The ocean is fucking crazy man, there are all kinds of things living in it, most of which we’re allegedly still totally unaware of… but that always makes me wonder, right, like… how do they come up with those percentile figures designating how much of, say ocean life, is unknown to us? How could we even know unless we knew, you know? It all comes back to the Illuminati, probably.

Artist: The Bottomfeeder
Title: Feed The Fix
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0261
Keywords: Broken Beat, Downtempo, Abstract
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

The Bottomfeeder was a pretty cool guy who also, earlier on, released an album/ep/whatever through Noise-Joy under the alias Traits. In our brief correspondences we’d discuss the weirdness of childhood and its various traumas, and I believe it was through him that I was once invited to a venue up North in Minneapolis or someplace called The Bassment, which I thought was awesome even though I had trouble getting around town at the time, always being on foot, thus travel outside of the State seemed even more impossible to me. I always remember these things, fondly and vaguely, and smile to myself… wondering now if he’s still doing music, or if life has taken him down a completely different path. Maybe he’s an astronaut? I can only wonder. But, instead of doing that any longer, I think I’ll just take a moment to discuss this album, which also served as one of my first, primary introductions to the “broken beat” sound.

The first track is ‘Nauseated Euphoria’, which I’ve definitely experienced before. We hear a sound gradually filtering in that sounds like a pile of bass. A rhythmic clipping sound comes in, as well as a deep, organ-esque harmonic section. The clipping becomes a hi-hat, a strange reverso synth materializes. It’s got a psychedelic Arabesque vibe so far, intricate and non-representational but simultaneously tribal and repetitive. Higher pitched sounds enter that sound like mandolins playing from out of a dimension rift. I think I hear cuckoo birds, maybe.

‘Dancefloor Whore’ is next, with a bizarre sawtooth sequence that’s very off-beat, peculiar. A few rimshots become a part of the sequence also, and a distorted broken breakbeat swells in. Then I hear a strange, oceanic bassline emerge… there’s a funkiness to this that’s almost mathematical and hard to get a feel for at first. A quick burst of what seems like synths but are actually filtered trumpets come in, and eventually their time in the loop expands. This sounds really nice… it’s like being on mushrooms on a yacht out at sea. You keep thinking you’re going to fall over the edge, and feel tugged at by forces unseen, so try to make your way to the cabin as the colours around you change. There’s a clipped up vocal, maybe a scattered, repeating time-sequence of a partial conversation had before the trip went into full swing.

Starting with a broken, segmented, regimented off-kilter groove is ‘Eastern Strut’. Dervish voices reverberate and echo around our heads, several of them are contorted into inhuman pitches. A melodic sequence of chipmunks begins playing, and everything begins to feel even more bizarre but fascinating.

‘Banal Discharge’ ends this album, and begins with a heavily distorted break that cuts out into silence. Within that small span of silence we can hear further approaching distorted rhythms as they fade in. The polyrhythmic beats begin to echo into a loop, repeating. Ring mod bell tones assert themselves, and later what sounds like a crunching DX7 bass comes in. The rhythms drive off at high speed, getting more intense and pounding with the addition of a 4/4 bass thump. We’re practically sustaining injuries with the repeated impact of the drums.

I think you’ll want to check this one out! Take a peak under this line of text and you’ll be sure to find a link…

… if not, try looking under this line of text…

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