Beira – Pixelinx

artist: Beira
title: Pixelinx
cat: [0kbps013]
keywords: experimental
label: MAV [0kbps records]

The beautiful wild cat on the cover of this Beira album on MAV [0kbps records] is probably almost just as wild  as the experimental audio tracks inside it. The Pixelinx starts with a track called pSIC(K)o. After a little introduction Beira shows his way around with music that sounds pretty  animalistic, something that could be covered on a bunch of bongo’s by warriors from the deep jungle.

‘Glitch Line Under Gray Sky’ is also giving my ears the effect of being the ultimate music for a digital safari. The sounds maybe all electronically generated with glitches and what snot, in its whole it feels very natural and organic. There is a nice swinging groove in there that feels like the perfect track to take with you while hunting for food.

I can’t deny that personally I’m loving this album and the love grows more by hearing the awesome sounds of raped chip tune sounds, electronic madness so nicely glitches up that it listens away like the coolest music you could possible get at this very moment in time. Is it actually music?
Within all these seemingly incredible mad noises there is definitely a striking structure that simply hypnotizes every experimental music lover while being tuned into this sound. My ears are vibrating with the low sounding square waves at the end, and I’m loving it. ‘Ho Sempre Sognato di Usare Questo Sample’ is full of exciting discoveries of new adorable  weird sounds!

Time goes so quick when having fun, and fun it is this Pixelinx album. Track 4 is called ‘AmbZZZZenZZZt’ and describes the sound so much better than I could do. But anyway I’ll still give it a try: Someone is playing with the cables in the input, a dream catcher is catching wind while the gas of the central heating is wide open to fill up the roam with toxins and sounds. Slowly the room gets fuller, the sounds get tenser and when the risk for self poisoning is getting to risky, the responsible artist makes an end of this recording.

With ‘La Teoria Della Vita’ Beira takes the ears on a extreme journey where  wild electric and noisy sounds are all around us. They rumble, they squeak, they penetrate, they scream, they trash and bash, they bleeb and they sing! It is a bouncy road full of audio wild life and even some amplified electric monkey’s screaming for banana’s! Awesome!

Than ‘Orchestra Spastica a Bassa Fedelta’ comes in, brewing a nice madness of extreme noise jazz, hiss, buzzes, mental pianists on speed, psychotics on fire and more of the kind of insane goodness!

Perhaps my musical tastebuds are not the key for success, but personally I really love all these tracks. I can understand that someone who isn’t used to listen to sounds would panic and scream ‘what is this noise!’, but seriously, this is extremely interesting and enjoyable to let your ears sink in. There are melodies hidden in these strange generated sounds, there are song structures (either programmed or made by glitching the things up) in there that when listening with a joyful and open heart, you will travel to a different dimension. A very wild and unpredictable one! Just like the rare Pixelinx!
check it out for yourself:

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