Pawspaws – Shiny Old Songs (single)

artist: Pawspaws
title: Shiny Old Songs (single)
keywords: lofi, synthpop, electro, russian
label: Southern City’s Lab

Souther City’s Lab presents an odd lo-fi single which the label claims to be one of Nikikta Sokolov’s first recordings in 2010. The first track on this shiny old songs single is Pavel, c’mon, let’s go for a walk. The music in the beginning sounds a bit like an nineties rave track. Well just the beginning of this as the actual rave never seems to start, in fact it seems to be replaced with someone abusing a megaphone and after that raping a analog synthesizer. Than the recording stops…

The second track is more than 7 minutes long and surprises me with a fine form if being flabbergasted. It seems that here is a hidden gem of an Russian retro electronic dance track, that feels extremely retro  and fun. The electro baseline pumps, the synthesizer melodies are nice and festive. Although I have no idea what the song is about as it is in that fine Russian language, it seems like its good hearted. After the catchy elements we hear a few live synth experiments before jamming about with spacious effects with electronic moments. The whole recording is pretty analog and they didn’t lie about the Lo-Fi quality of the recording.. This is something for the fans and the collectors of shiny dusty old recordings that without the help of this netlabel would probably never seen the light of day!
click the link below for the collectable:

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