The Womb – Sex Club

artist: The Womb
title: Sex Club
keywords: pop, funk, Brit pop, sing/song writer, sexy party music
label: Blocsonic

After womping with Sam and the Womp, it is time to return to our collective roots and spend some quality time with the Womb. This musical pop project is starring Alan Driscoll at its core and include contributions of great musician friends and singers. If this sounds already festive enough to you than wait until you hear the actual music! You gonna love it!

The Blocsonic net label mentions  on the release page how proud they are, releasing this record from The Womb. And this just makes me want to write how proud Yeah I Know It Sucks is, to feature a review of this absolute must have goody!
This Womb deserves some special attention, love and respect as these fun records are not easy to find for free in net label land.. Did I already mentioned that it is fun? Well wipe that as I believe it’s so good, it’s hilarious!

The first encounter with The Womb on this record will brilliantly arouse your ears with the cool and humoristic hit single ‘Sex Club’.  It is everything you might have hoped for! A super fun and catchy dance track that includes a groovy rhythm and a pure funky sexdrive! The lyrics are The Womb’s biggest power over here as they are not only well sang, but also contagiously fun and smart! A must have tune for in anyone’s collection! A perfect party anthem to rip the clothes of your body and dance like you haven’t danced before. If you don’t know how to dance than you should definitely check the official video clip of this tune! Featuring an intensive freakish dance by Ethan Addie! I like your style of Wombing!

After all the dancing and excitement it’s time to sit down and chill out by listening to the pretty vocal performance on ‘Rumours of a reunion’. it’s another piece of great songwriting and touches a subject taken from real life.

The ‘freak flag fly’ track is some more fabulous Womb material for the dance floor. The music is pure to the core and minimalistic dance music with a tasty rock flavor. The main praises for this little tune are reserved for the freaky and clean cut vocals and the smart ass lyrics that saw of the legs of the chair you had been sitting on.

‘Four hands on my body’ is a sexual Story translated into a song. I can’t deny that the gay radar detection scanner went slightly hot in this part of the release. Perhaps I’m mistaken but this song sounds like only a gay person would have been able to come up with! Anyway someone in this sensual story must be at least enjoy eating from the same ship, and its arousing my pleasure thoughts!

The Womb is so nice and friendly! They even included the instrumental version of ‘sex club’ for some more hot dancing. It still swings, funks the floor up and feels o so good!

After all the dancing and sweating it is time to go to the launderette. A feel good relaxing electric track on a fine and friendly rolling beat and pretty smooth electro funk. Halfway it transforms (as if a great deejay has put it’s spell on the music) in a basic funk loop.

The last track of this album confirms the sexuality of this enjoyable project. Exploring a different side of life with the darker toned song about having someone over in the weekend for doing the ‘dirty’ job of pleasure and than never seeing them again. I don’t know about you, but as creamy as it may seem this story may hit close to home..

Don’t let the coldness of the last track overwhelm the rest of this joyful up right enjoyable record! It’s a lot of fun, covering many parts of life, great songwriting skills and fine music to dance or enjoy between the bed sheets! Get The Womb’s Sex Club for free at the following link:

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  1. Alan says:

    Nude it up!!

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