Sir – Opifwok !!! (NJMP3-0304)

Sir - Opifwok !!!

The album art for Opifwok !!! by Sir really drives home the point that the album’s title is Opifwok !!!. It manages this by displaying Opifwok !!! repeatedly.

Artist: Sir
Title: Opifwok !!!
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0304
Keywords: Chiptune, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

In the mood for some experimental chip sounds from Sir? You’d better be !!! Because, if not, well… that sucks… !!!

The first track on this extremely short work is titled ‘Wow !!!’. Extremely clippy chiptunes bonk around in my head, some of them quite shrill, other times they sound as if they’re water dripping in a faucet. Distorted chip rhythms are crammed in, too… but then it’s over !!!

Next is ‘Jrgod !!!’ has a bitcrunched drumchip, and then a distorted chip bass line comes in that eventually converges with more of itself in a very harmonically dissonant manner. Later, it’s like… some severe chip noise !!!

The final track is titled ‘Taco !!!’. A sweetlike chip synth is playfully sequenced and over this comes a distorted bass kick. Then it gets really weird with the addition of a chip drone. The rhythm changes a little into an abstract breakbeat before it ends with a simple bass pulse !!!

All I can say is !!! (oh, and also to recommend you check this one out at the link)

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