Die Society Die – Plague

artist: Die Society Die
title: Plague
cat: Siro209
keywords: Ambient / Dark Ambient / other
label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com

Die Society DIe is the first ones that penetrates the crappy earplugs I have found somewhere between a pile of dirty underwear. My high profile quality headphones has died today as i’ve probably stepped on top of them. This made me terrible sad as the big directors of Yeah I Know It Sucks are too busy swimming in bathtubs full of gold and wine and informed me that there is no way the management could afford a new pair of headphones. It is a bit strange to hear the music of Die Society Die through these cheap earplugs as I have a feeling they deserve a much better reception.
Excuses if my ears will leave important things out as somethings are just experienced in a slightly more than usual lo-fi way.

The first track on this pretty EP is called ‘Collapse’ and that can’t be a coincidence. It is that this release is released in October 2011, otherwise I would have sworn that Die Society Die had sabotaged my hearing equipment. But as far as my ears can receive this track it feels like a delightfully calm dark ambient track. There are some lost R2D2 sounds in there in search for a form of communication, but It seems like there is no one out there to respond to the signal.

With ‘Conflict’ Die Society Die feeds the ears a somehow spooky track where sounds that appear to be howling ghosts are singing a song of hollowness. Listening to this through these crappy earplugs it doesn’t scare me, but I believe if you play this loud and about on a good set of speakers or headphones your hairs will be up and regret to find yourself alone.

Lucky unlike politicians, Die Society Die provided a Cure. Not a curious one (see a review some days ago) , but in the shape of a 5 min +  almost holy sounding track of soothing darkness. It feels like we are standing in the middle of an abandoned  church, listening to dead priests that sing their wisdom while spooking around the ceiling. This calms the mood down as these flying fellows seems to be kind spirited spirits. After a nice fade out I’m back wherever i was before. Reality, probably.

My ears are starting to get used to the crappy quality of the earplugs, and even though the cure didn’t provide me a solution for my selfish problems, it did in fact appreciate that I was able to experience this tiny little adventure into the darkness that Die Society DIe had provided so carefully.
It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest hi-fi system on the planet, or listening through your heater with a electric wire attached to it. Its about the music and the music here is good!
Get your own chills of dark ambient at the following link:

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