Gumbel – Huracanado

artist: Gumbel
title: Huracanado
keywords: IDM, Experimental, Electronic
label: Picpac

When my eyes had spotted a fresh release of the memorable electronic artist called Gumbel,
I became overwhelmed with an excess of excitement. The great thing is that after hearing this new record, the hyper feeling didn’t seem to disappear, as Gumbel managed to yet again surprised the ears with a delightful and delicate EP.

‘Huracanado’ starts of with an hyper drive of a rolling beat, that after one minute sets the vibe into pure energy! The melody is kept simple perhaps but at the same time keeps the ears flabbergasted with a real challenge to follow what is going on exactly. The beat is going mental, crashing cymbels in an uptempo tightness that together with the melodics successfully lifted my lazy ass of the seat, for a nice flight around the room. It is time to go crazy, put on your mad hats and jump around while pulling strange faces! whiiiiiiiieee!!

With ‘Serotonina (ft. Boer Polar & Stolenmeltdown) it starts of more sensible. Sweet melodics that feels warm and sweet and a cute beat. One minute to gasp a bit of breath before everything seems to fall into stages of increased IDM absurdness! Did I say absurdness? I mended to write Perfectness! After 3 minutes my mind has lifted of to Intellectual electronic heaven! Super sexy electronic sounds, incredible mad breakbeats that will feed you tons of energy, and of course the continuation of lovely melodies played on sweet sounding sounds. This track basically covers everything that you could possibly want from a good experimental electronic dance chill and drill track. Don’t download that boring as hell new Daft Punk album, but listen to Huracanado by Gumbel and you’ll know that good initiative music is far away from death!

With ‘Falsificacion Dermoestetica (dr. Bit Laden) Gumbel really proofs that there is also room for a perfect marriage between raw sounding guitar, sweet electronics, filtered uptight beats and computer arcade sounds! Especially love the melodic structures that Gumbel seems to have cooked up within this track. If Bella Lugosi was still around and not completely deaf and wonky from his heroin adventures, he would probably enjoyed dancing around in a cape while listening to this tune.

With ‘Rescátame’ Gumbel serves a little bit of fresh air, with a very short track that knows how to dive direct into your heart. In just 2 minutes you feel touched by the stripped melody that for some kind of strange reason has a very emotion impact on me. Perhaps I’m just tired and need to drink some more coffee..

The last track on this release is ‘Bit War’ (ft Perturbator). THe track is mostly leaning heavy on the electric synth pop kind of music, some strange original synth sounds are used to play the pretty and grand melody. It feels as a powerful tune as well as a sentimental epic goodbye track. And I’m sure too miss Gumbel when this record is over, and hope that there will be more surprising releases pop up in the near future! Get this quality release over here and enjoy yourself:

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