Porya Hatami – Mej

artist: Porya Hatami
title: Mej
keywords: ambient, soundscape, neo classical

Soft wooden sounds, how odd this may seem, arise from the first seconds of this breathtaking soundscape. Unarmed with warmth coming from angelic tones that touches the skin like the early rays of the rising sunshine. The wood sounds still a bit wet from the night when a softly played piano delivers the exact notes of balanced prettiness. You can hear the trees and the leaves waving in the soft morning breeze. Do not think about anything, just close your eyes and let the wonders of visual music take over. Everything you hear (and see) on this way too short release is made for your comfort and hints to a great love of nature and its magical elements of calming effects.

This is a great example of how pretty music could simply stop the hectic-ness of the entire world, by tricking the mind of being in a organic natural environment far away from traffic jams, war, office workers and other forms of modern day society. Porya Hatami from Iran is the person behind this ‘mej’ composition/sound scape and I can only say that I’m glad he shared this beauty with anyone who is willing to take a step back for the perfect relaxing experience. It’s just around 7 minutes long, so it will fit right into your lunch break. Be sure to have this ambient escape ready for the moments when you need it the most!

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