Future – Abyss EP

artist: Future
title: Abyss EP
keywords: new wave, shoe gaze, noise pop, sonic wall of sound.

Your reviewer exchanged his blood for pure vodka last night, which makes the listening session of the abyss EP by Future into a true happening. The poppy uptempo dark wave tracks are simply a must to fight the upcoming hangover. The music has the groggy atmosphere that would be perfectly enjoyed in a club with smoking people, everyone loaded with the happiness elixir while dancing around like absolute insane idiots.

The vocal performance and the darkness of the drowned but energetic music just highlights the stupidity of the mass. I mean playing this record will sure get a crowd moving and dancing, but it feels that there is a deeper feeling and meaning behind these danceable shoe gaze ‘hits’. Something sarcastic perhaps, something neo gothic, somehow ‘Future’ slipped in depressive undertones in these energetic dance floor rock tracks. Its like the singer reminds the dancing crowd of how much money we just have wasted on vodka and how much poor children somewhere in the world living in poverty could have enjoyed a extremely good meal from the cash we just have wasted on alcohol.

It’s a marriage of sad and happiness these tracks,
something that will fit in with the attitude of the early new wave scene, energetic music but no smiling faces, gothic Wiccan style dancing on the dance floor, but no real witches… Don’t know what I’m talking about? The reason is probably that my veins are a stream of pure vodka and its eating away my brain and nervous system. Neither less the music is good and seriously convinces me to stand up and attempt to dance to sweat the possible headache out.
move your own ass over to the ‘Future’ and enjoy the happy sadness at the following link:

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