Pollux – Rain

artist: Pollux
title: Rain
cat: Lome013
format: mp3, 16kbps mono
keywords: minimal ambient, minimal drone, lobit
label: Lome https://archive.org/details/lome-netlabel

One of the finer obscurities in net label land are the ones that not only specialize in certain styles and lower bit rates, but also adds the rule of releasing only works in pure mono.
Lome, a net label (who’s owners are unknown and seem to have disappeared unfortunately) is one of these tiny extremities. Releasing only minimal music, in a Bitrate of 16kbps and in pure mono.
This may scare some of the non believers but we from YIKIS absolutely praise the few records that it has released under these ‘quality controlled’ rules.

For example this release by the fanatic music enthusiast, producer and Sirona Records director; Pollux. With his release ‘Rain’ he delivers an half hour of warm tones, mixed with an audio recording that should convince the listener into thinking it is a steady soft rainfall. We believe these ‘raindrops’ are actually recorded in a kitchen sink by the artist, but that is something difficult to proof.
It’s also hardly unnecessary to do so as it is convincing enough to comfort the listener.

Everybody loves the sound of rain against the window, especially when on the inside side of the window. The minimal tones are just as warm as a well working heather. Putting these two elements together and send them through the magical Lobit rate and mono channels and everything is sounding even more warm and cozy. The data-loss yet again adds a warm and good feeling to the overall mix. While relaxing and floating in this heath of love your bladder might fill up with hearing all this water movements, but the musical elements that transform from drone to bright tones of angelic ambient are simply intriguing  enough to keep the listener busy for an half hour of enlightenment .

Don’t let the lower Bitrate and the mono output stop your ears from listening to this ambient drone session. go and get your ‘Rain’ over at the following link:

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