The Merricks – Asanas

artist: The Merricks
title: Asanas
keywords: experimental, dark electro, noise, psychedelic, ritual

The Merricks kick this EP off with a tribal-esque rhythm that is loud enough to be heard by the deaf gods in the sky. The guitar sings its noises through this powerful raw sounds. The electric keyboard plays a down to earth and yet simple melody which get overruled by the epic synth strings that seems to be playing magical tones, that gives the listener a real good high feeling!

The first tune was nice but it is ‘Haggasana’ that makes my ears and trashed body move in a most bizarre funky way! Hypnotic rhythmic lo-fi goodness with memorable micro melodies that feels evil and cute at the same time. My toes are wobbling, my eyes are staring like a witch’s cat and the lips are smiling contently! Absolutely love it!

My ears are begging for more and thanks for the donation of the last tune, there is more! The Merricks music keeps on hypnotizing everyone that dares to sink in these spiritualistic tracks. The rolling groove in ‘Mayasana’ is fanatically trippy and the miniature melodic elements are simply form of menacing perfection!
The base-loop that seems to be the basis of this hypnotic galore is rolling around, the mysterious synth strings are funky as a organ player with a twisted hobby. Some menacing joyful sound gives extra touches to the hypnotism that goes along with this work. At the end I can’t help to notice that the whole world is going around, not because I’m so drunk, but it seems that the music makes it impossible to hold my head still.

As the first track seemed to be a ritualistic ritual to prepare the listener for the ultimate trippy-ness that would occur after it, the last track feels very much like we have accomplished our ceremony. We hear the beating of the holy drum, epic strings and loopy loops made with what sounds as bamboo flutes. On top of this The Merricks gives us some bright short tones that play like childlike flutes. When the occult feast of music ends, we are suddenly left alone in a spot in the middle of the jungle… What the fuck just happened? lucky they have WiFi here so I’m still able to upload this review.. You know what? Come on over and join me! Follow the magical link at the bottom:

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