Consistency Nature – Moving

artist: Consistency Nature
title: Moving
cat: GT433
keywords: perfect ambient , drone
label: Genetic Trance

Life is not perfect, but there are things in life that are perfect. Many of these encounters are based on moments in time, the view of a beautiful face passing by, the taste of delicious fruit, the experience of a perfect day. It is very rare we come across things that are perfect without the boundaries of moments in time. In fact the following perfectness comes in the shape of a recording of perfect music by the artist Consistency Nature. Listenable at any moment of the day, not limited to any year or season. It is like instant never ending perfectness in a cup, always at hand when you are in need for it. That is, if you download this beautiful release of course. It would be really stupid not to do so as we from YIKIS have reviewed more than 500 alternative releases and let me tell you, the state of perfection that could be enjoyed at any time is something of a rarity. It is hard to find something as genuine, so wonderful and relaxing as this music release.

The only record that comes close to this magnificent sound of perfection is a physical compact disc packed in a bible package. The thing is that this release in question also came out of the hands of the same artist co-working with Flat Affect. It was one impressive recording of a perfect summer’s day, which to me personally was the most beautiful minimal moving ambient, I had ever heard and experienced. I have no idea if the record is still available, but if you like what you hear than you might want to check that album out as well.. Consistency Nature & Flat Affect – a beautiful dream of Anopsia (SPCD16)

The thing is that after listening to that album, it seems very likely that there could be more ‘perfect’ music , and even slightly more evolved too. Add that this relaxing ambiance comes as an absolute free download, and you might get a perfect overkill of perfectionism!

The title of this must hear beautiful perfect ambient drone exploration is ‘Moving’. Perhaps because the musical content is moving our senses and removes stress and other inconveniences out of our minds and replaces them with the beautiful strings and warmth of Consistency Nature. There are no distinctive melodies for the brain to hackle over, it is instead one continuous flow of prettiness that moves along in a state of total perfection. Maybe minimalism is the key to what has been created over here. Less is more they like to say, but within this beautiful ambient work there are so many layers for the listener to explore. The perfect music is available for free for your love and total relaxation. Be sure to be good to yourself and download it at the following link:

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