Dino Felipe – Friends

artist: Dino Felipe
title: Friends
keywords: fun! integerty! electronic, weed-hop, experimental, punk, circus music!

Welcome to the psychedelic circus! The circus band contains all what you were searching for! A monkey plays the bells, the wilder animals graze over an experimental sound-system, and clowns loaded with absinth are trying to play the more traditional circus music, but are glad to fail! Bring all your wonderful friends to this circus of sound! With Dino Felipe as your ring master, it will be a gorgeous show!

The speech in the circle of our hero comes as a track ‘speak by myself’. Two long legged acrobats do high kicks, while other colorful characters enjoy salto mortalo’s! A smell of happiness fills the air! The audience stands up in excitement and claps and sings away on this bright digital electronic fest!

Than a moment of total focus on the host of the show. Dino Felipe sits himself on a barstool in the spotlight and sings a song called ‘Barbara Allen’ . Candles are being lit and it transforms the circus tent in a romantic avenue. A multi-instrumentalist dwarf plays a psychedelic box of strange new sounds. Twisting knobs, playing guitar with its tiny toes and all of this without making any mistake! Tears in the audience flow, as Dino Felipe puts up a fragile ballad that grabs everyone’s attention.

From this vocal performance we hear a mix of sexual flavor, puking, panicking screaming, more hot steaming sex, whips, and a heavy mix between fucking lust and puking insanity! I forgot to report on the fine rolling rhythm’s, the funky bleeps, the monstrous noises, the hints of eighties horror guitars all meted into a delirious mix of great enjoyable madness! Time for the audience to interact and do a dirty dance on their own! Some slap each other’s asses, some wobble their lips trying to be automobiles and there is even room to whistle on a flute!

The circus tent glows up with pink and blue lights while the ringmaster sings a song of sorrow. ‘Adieu False Heart’ it is called and grabs everyone by the balls, even the ones who don’t actually have balls.

After a little break the circus tent get filled up with a tasty aroma and a vast amount of smoke. Everything goes a bit slower but when the bearded lady walks in while hitting an electronic drum machine and carrying ‘Roxane Heart’ on her shoulders, the show really hits the right spots of madness! While the bearded lady presses a fanatic hip rhythm, Roxane Heart spits a very recognizable rap on top of it covering everything that comes up in her mind! Especially love the sing-a-long Michael Jackson moments in this performance! Fucking wicked stuff!

The mysterious smoke that filled up the tent some while ago must have been strong flavors of pure ganja! All the people in the audience are lying in weird positions on their seats. We are not really here, ‘visit later’ the facial expressions are saying. One of the most beautiful girl you would ever see walks around on stage. Kathryn Marks is her name and she makes sure that even though the complete stoned absent mindedness there is something the audience will probably not forget the next day after. The nice firework show done by the magnificent Alex Heilner (who looks very good in his glitter wizard costume!) gives the eyes really something amazing to watch.. A highlight of the show, that’s for sure!

After the circus show everybody in the backstage seems to have something personal to do. The big pink elephant is doing a big shit, the ringmaster is having sexy times, the acrobats are practicing their knife throwing. A new act called ‘The Teletubbies’ have just unpacked their bags and get instantly killed by gigantic bedbugs, the bearded lady walks up the stairs, chickens running around and.. For us it is also a good moment to go home alone and find something weird to do..

Don’t wait too long before this festive circus of sounds, integrity, fun and amazement will setup its tent in a field near you, but just simply click on the link below and use the magic portal! Enjoy alone or with ‘Friends’!

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